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The centaurs who want to pursue knowledge for knowledge's sake.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Lineage is not a huge deal within the Chironite culture, but who you apprenticed under is. If a centaur needs to further clarify themselves, they add their teacher's name to their introduction.


Shared customary codes and values

All believe knowledge is sacred. At the center of every Chironite village, town, or city, is a large library. It is often the largest building within the settlement.

Average technological level

Chironites created the concept of glasses, to assist their elders with ease of reading as they aged. It took the knowledge of a skilled centaur touched with both Ignus and Terra, a rather rare combination, to come up with the idea that glass can bend light to magnify writing.

Common Etiquette rules

While all centaurs are inherently distrustful of strangers, Chironites make more of an effort over their Nessunite bretheren to overcome that natural fearfulness. They are always polite unless the stranger gives them significant reason not to be.

Art & Architecture

Books are the main form of art. Many Chironites spend their entire lives decorating and illustrating a single book.

Common Taboos

Fighting in defense is not frowned upon, but fighting for enjoyment means immediate dismissal.


Courtship Ideals

The most common way to court another Chironite is the sharing of knowledge. Many a relationship was started by one centaur imparting their knowledge upon another.   Books are often presented to signify the formation of a friendship. The gifting of a book that is self illustrated, however, is usually reserved for the most intimate of relationships.

Relationship Ideals

While Chironites do not believe in the idea of a soulmate, they do practice monogamy while in a relationship. Cheating on a lover with another centaur is highly reprehensible, and usually results in ostracization of both the cheater and the cheatee.

Encompassed species

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