Temple of Amaunator: The Last Sunrise (SC'19)

Written by Steve Tremblay

The Temple of Amaunator in any city is a place of light, hope, and healing. Sometimes though, darker offerings can bring about a ceremony known as "The Last Sunrise".


The main cathedral in all of these temples have many windows, both stained glass and clear to let the sun shine in brightly. Sunrise is a special time as the light fragments and plays around the room, giving its blessing to those in attendance.


One window figures prominently and focuses the light on the altar shortly after dawn when the sun clears the trees and surrounding buildings.


Vampires naturally are the antithesis of those who worship the light. The defenders of the temple sometimes seek out the creatures of the night and through force, even sometimes (rarely) willingly, bring them back to the temple.
Not without kindness at their foundation, the temple leaders sought to bring cleansing and peace to the vampires through His holy light.


On the occasion that a vampire, or someone infected who had not fully turned would be prepared for the solemn ceremony. The night previous would be a ritual bathing to cleanse the physical impurities. Shortly before dawn, the few allowed to witness the event would gather to attend 'the shackling' of the transgressor to the altar. These ceremonies were not open to the public and considered somber occasions to be held with dignity and respect.


Prayers to Amaunator would be offered by the participants while the first rays of light hit the windows and the smoldering began. The shrieks of the undead rose as quickly as the sun while the light focused, eventually causing the vampire to sear and burst into flame.
The words, as the screams, grew louder and more urgent until there was silence.


With the flames extinguished, the remains were prepared for a proper burial of the now deceased's choosing or a fitting place in the cemetery having now accepted Amaunator's gifts.


While any temple to Amaunator is built to perform the ceremony, both Overdale and Aubrey have had the most cause to perform it.