Phyllis, Ventra and Biggun

Gnome Mammoth Wranglers and a Mammoth


Biggun was imported years prior by the Overdale/Overwatch to be used in the war or perhaps to create a large Warforged.   He is the last surviving mammoth on Ellara and his handlers, Phyllis and Ventra are currently marching him to Brightport to be shipped back home to Athias.   They were encountered between Whitehedge and Brightport by Group C when Biggun escaped his escorts and charged toward the party.   After some calming and allowing Biggun to investigate them, Eliwrath was allowed to ride the beast for a short time which was described as "soft, shaky and awesome".   The group agreed to meet back up with the 3 in Brightport to help safely navigate the mammoth through the city to the docks.

First Appearance:
Arc 2, Episode 40