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One of the Ancient dragons which called the Dragon Fjords home, Gorgandr is the name sake of Gorgandr's Basin and a number of other locations in the region.
The ancient dragon was a formidable sight to behold. Its scales were said to be as dark as night, with hints of purple beneath them. Its wings were vast, spanning over 100m across, covering the ground beneath it when it soared in darkness. Its eyes bright red, seeming to glow with an otherworldly intelligence. It had a long, slender neck, and a head adorned with sharp, curved horns. Its mouth was filled with rows of razor-sharp teeth, perfect for tearing through flesh and bone. Its body was long and sinewy, with powerful muscles rippling beneath its scales. It had four legs, each ending in sharp claws that could easily tear through steel. All in all, Gorgandr was said to be a creature of pure, terrifying beauty.
Despite its fearsome reputation, Gorgandr was said to not be entirely evil. It was said that she would only attack those who posed a threat to it or its territory ignoring those she felt too weak to go after. a few tales even speak of lucky individuals who were able to survive an encounter with her due to then not being percieved as a valid foe.
As time passed, it is said that Gorgandr became more and more reclusive, spending most of her time hidden away from the rest of the world. Many Beleive that Gorgandr like the other dragons of old had all passed on, either by choice or by being slain by the great heroes of the Dragon Fjord who tamed the land for the first settlers.
However, there are those who claim to have seen the great dragon flying over the mountains in recent years, leading to the belief that the ancient dragon may still be alive, hiding in the shadows and waiting to emerge once more. Whatever the truth may be, Gorgandr will always be the mistress of the northern Fjords whose name is used to keep children in line.
Dragon, Black
Neutral Evil


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