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Very few people age on Theoma. Every other cause of death is functional, but aging only hits people if they reproduce or study necromancy. In the case of reproduction, they only get hit by a certain amount of it... per child. This is a means by which the deathless population is kept stable. Who cares so that the population is stable? The land gods. Ruling truly deathlessly over all beings, the land gods weave a web of fate in which the common people live their lives.   Every piece of land on Theoma is part of a "land god" (a genius locii) whose body is the substance of the land, save possibly the "Missing" theomes where the local land god responds to no appeals and intervenes in no known way. Theomes typically flow into each other as though they were natural terrain, but this is a convention rather than a rule of how the world is constructed. Different theomes occasionally vary so sharply that the edges between them are visible, such as by sudden ground coloration shifts or weather events that end immediately at the border.   Theoma is a cylindrical world with extraordinary hazards to the north and south extremes of it. The chartable territory is finite in size, but the extent of the overly hazardous areas is unknown. A few points of stability have been found in the extreme north or south, where "jewel" theomes are located. Indeed, "jewels" are the most famed theome of each region.