Halla Gate

The Halla Gate is a famous gateway that serves as the entrance to the Kezen Catacombs in Skruj Drae, Kezig. At over 1500 years old, the gate itself is a large tourist attraction, let alone the fascinating catacombs that lays beyond.   The Halla Gate is no longer the main entrance to the Kezen Catacombs, and is in fact no longer in use at all; it's simply a historical attraction.   The Halla Gate is a significant part of the general tours given of the Kezen Catacombs; in fact, sometimes lines develop to see the ancient door. Behind the ancient door is a large mystery; it's clearly part of the most ancient parts of the catacombs, but no one has been allowed beyond the gate for centuries. (It's posited that the gate no longer even opens.)   Perhaps the most eerie part of the Halla Gate is the most significant draw to visitors: at times (they're unpredicable, to say the least), one can hear what sounds like people talking or shouting coming from the catacombs beyond; at other times, a foul odor emanates from the area. The causes for both of these phenomena are not known, although Excori (those that provide the tours through the Ravkan religion) claim it's all in the imagination of visitors.


As mentioned, the Halla Gate served as the main entrance of the Kezen Catacombs from approximately 2870 until about the year 3100. Around that time, a new entrance was built that could accomodate the growing number of those buried in the catacombs, and it gave the additional advantage of allowing the Ravkan religion to seal off the most ancient (and therefore most unsafe) part of the catacombs. No one has entered that part of the catacombs in over a 1000 years.


Halla is the Ravkan word for the temporary destination of those that need to atone for their life (Ravkans do not believe Halla is permanent). Although it's been affectionately (by Kezens, at least) called 'the Gate to Halla,' it's tourists that are more frightened of the ancient gateway than anything.   The Halla Gate was the main entrance built for the Kezen Catacombs, and is thus an important part of their architectural heritage. Even Thenians that dislike Kezig will come to tour the Halla Gate and the Kezen Catacombs.
Creation Date
Approx. 2870
Current Location
Raw materials & Components
The main gate is made of iron, while the surrounding portions are stone. Originally, the Halla Gate had an extraordinary amount of magic keeping it secure, but the magic has long worn off. Now, it is simply a part of the catacombs, since they are being constantly added on to.

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