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Once, Yanu was a lively god, it created tools to help give shape to the world, and called them Ynue. At first, this was successful, and the world was filled with many wonderful plants, with streams and forests full of life, but then, they betrayed Yanu, instead of aiding it further, they sought power to rule the world, they went too far, creating monsters and plagues and enslaving and killing Yanu's smaller helpers, the Onu. This hurt Yanu. So it Banished the Ynue, separating them from the world. This Weakened it. So, Yanu decided its last creation would be beings to live in what was built with blood, sweat, and tears. They would be mortal races. It would birth them with Its final breath,
And then, sleep.  


In the beginning, there were the mystics, they had known the days of Yanu, they had been made from the remnants of the Onu, and they were the blood of immortals. Then Yanu passed into shadow, having banished the Ynue for their crimes, and leaving them. And then, three new races, the corporeals. And, even the longer living among them, living short and seemingly meaningless lives before dying even more meaningless deaths. but no... That wasn't the case at all.  


The corporeals quickly spread through the world, three became many, and even the shortest living among them proved to be the most dangerous, and they changed. They changed more in a single one of their short lifetimes than the Onu, or even the Ynue, had in many thousands of years. They built, and destroyed, and built again. They finished what Yanu had started, making the world, changing it, to be beautiful and terrible.