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The Mystics

The Old Ones

The mystics were the world's first mortal inhabitants, they have great magics, and long lifespans, and they were made to live in symbiosis with nature, unchanging. They were made during the latter years of the Ynue, and their memories go back to the times when immortals ruled the world. They had their time as the dominant force in the world, but this ended with the rise of the corporeal races. Now they are the hidden ones, the magical beings that shy away from the other races, they are the ones who remember.  


Each mystic race has its own magic system, this is because they were created to live in a different part of the world, or to live in a different way. The mystics were originally intended to live together, so all of their magics have a different purpose.  


Mystics can reproduce with any other race, even amongst themselves, with the exception of the rarest of circumstances, usually involving strange and rare magics. When a hybrid is born, it will often be with a corporeal, this makes children who will have features of both races and powerful magical abilities, being able to access magic from both races, as generations continue, however, these hybrid abilities become diluted and fade quickly.


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