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The Lady of Decay

Mirani's very name is associated with death and disease. She is responsible for the creation of many insects, especially the most nefarious ones, as well as all the poisonous fungi. Her power over rot and disease is absolute, and she is feared and hated among mortals.   It was she who caused the Great Incursion, an event that marked the end of the Iron Age, a great era of progress and civilization. This event led to the Blood War Centuries, a period of darkness and chaos that lasted many lifetimes.   Mirani's realm, Minyanon, is a place of rot and decay. The very air is thick with the stench of death, and the ground is covered in a thick layer of putrid vegetation. The trees are dead and twisted, and the soil is teeming with worms and other disgusting creatures. The very air is thick with the stench of decay and death and the sky is perpetually overcast, casting a sickly green light across the landscape.   Those who pledge themselves to Mirani are known as hags, to whom she grants strong magic. However, the price of such power is high, for anyone who worships her becomes a diseased and rotten crone, a shell of their former selves, covered in pus and warty growths.   Mirani herself is a repulsive figure, covered in warts and open sores. Her skin is gray and mottled, and her eyes are sunken and lifeless. She wears nothing but tattered rags, and her hair is long and stringy, matted with filth.
black and filthy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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