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The Beings that are the Elements

Elementals are magical beings, even more so than the Mystics. They are made of pure magic, representing a specific element, and in their natural form, they are often nearly invisible, with some exceptions. besides their natural form, they also have a physical form, which is a misnomer, because it still isn't physical, but it looks more like it. In some types of elementals, the difference between forms is not very noticeable, and in others, it is a stark contrast. In truth, they are both the same form, but the elementals can simply phase between how they want to appear, and some have a wider range of appearances than others. Because they aren't physical beings, they often don't walk but float.  


The true nature of elemental behaviour is a poorly understood subject since studying them is difficult. They avoid the corporeals and mostly stick to themselves, they can appear out of thin air, and also disappear without a trace, and it isn't understood how or why. They can also be trapped tho, and when this happens, they have not shown any semblance of ageing, or need to consume a food source, which is why they are presumed to be immortal.  


Their intelligence is also a debated subject since they seem to be able to observe their surroundings and recognize their reflection, but it isn't agreed that this is the same for all individuals, or for all types. Spriggans have been confirmed to be able to recognize individual elves or humans, and wisps have been observed to pester the people who are aggressive toward them the most. This leads researchers to believe they have some level of intelligence. However, none have been able to establish communication with them, while certain types of Elementals have been confirmed to be able to say words, they were never words with any discernable meaning, and no one has ever been able to teach them to repeat words like a parrot. They are assumed to have agency tough, since they will avoid capture, and will attempt to escape captivity at the first opportunity. They will also favour the people who would help them or be respectful towards them.  


They come in a variety of aggression levels, ranging from completely passive and avoidant, to highly aggressive, and everything in between.


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