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The Lord of Despair

Apollyus is associated with the cold and the dark. His realm, Midnight, is an endless wasteland of rocks that is always freezing, but without any snow or ice. The land is shrouded in complete and utter darkness, where even the slightest sound is impossible to hear. The deafening silence can drive anyone insane, even those who don't mind the cold or the darkness. The landscape is treacherous, with jagged rocks, loose boulders, and steep caverns that are made even more dangerous by the darkness.   Apollyus created three types of vampires in a similar way to Mallakar. He took souls and corrupted them, creating the first dark souls. His experiments resulted in the creation of even more powerful vampires than those that came before. These included the blood vampires, the higher vampires, and the elder vampires. The elder vampires were the first and the other two types followed in the coming decades. The first elder vampire was the most powerful of all and later faced his creator. Apollyus offered him a trial of combat, after which he unlocked his full powers and made him his first champion.   Apollyus himself has a ghastly appearance, with a pale face, long raven hair, and eyes as black as the void. He is typically seen wearing black robes that match the darkness that surrounds him.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pale white


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