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Wakefield Science Center


Wakefield Science Center is a well known research facility for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. After the outbreak of Human Viral Zoonosis and the following suspension of non-essential research the followed, Wakefield was one of several locations reassigned to focus primarily on the testing and delivery of other promising research results. This means that WSC receives the most promising cure research for testing. They specialize in testing potential cures on live infected test subjects and developing new efficient delivery methods. However this also means that they deal mostly in failure. To this day no successful cure has been found by the CDC and most test attempts end in horrible mutations of test subjects.

Current Status

During the events of WSC 2017 the research center was overrun by zombies.

DNA Mutation

The testing of potential cures can lead to significant mutations of the virus and the test subjects DNA in some cases. Standard procedure is to keep samples of the mutated virus and DNA so the mutation can be studied at a later date and to dispose of the test subject to ensure that the mutation cannot be spread. WSC has violated this procedure and on multiple instances preformed further research on mutated test subjects that they deem "significant."

— Discovered by players at WSC 2017
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Military, Camp
Current Status
Not Operational

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