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WSC 2017


WSC 2017 was the first game created by the WSC admin team and was hosted at Wheat State Camp. It took place May 19-21 2017 and was attended by around 50 players.


Things started to take a drastic turn at Wakefield Science Center when it was forced to double as a refugee camp after the government was able to maintain stability at most other large camps in the area. After some time the camp was partially overrun by a group of infected that seemed to be led by a lone mutated zombie. This zombie was rumored among the refugees to be an escaped test subject from the research facility. Most researchers were escorted to other research facilities until the research center could be re-secured and only the senior facility staff stayed behind with the refugees to help keep order until a larger military force could arrive to help take back the facility.
  Shortly after this a large number of new refugees (the players) arrived. Due to fears of unable to maintain order with the large influx of new refugees, WSC personnel demanded that all non WSC staff turn in their weaponry and report for an evaluation. This concerned the current refugee leader Fallon Corvo, and so she began secretly collecting any piece of information about WSC that she could find and learned that while researching the virus some of WSC's research practices seemed less than ethical. They were regularly testing research findings and experimental cures on people who had become infected with the virus, most leaving the test subject with hideous mutations. Shortly after the arrival of the new refugee group, the facility's power source failed and the facility lost power. This presented a new problem to the WSC staff, the lock down mechanisms keeping the mutated test subjects contained would shut down once the camps auxiliary power reserves ran out. To deal with this new hurdle the staff tasked the new refugees with eliminating the test subjects and recovering the researchers notes on each one. Armed with special weaponry supplied to them by the staff to handle the test subjects with the most severe mutations the refugees were reasonably successful. They successfully recovered all of the researcher's notes but in a panic, they wasted most the ammunition for the heavy weapons supplied to them by the staff, leaving them unable to neutralize the most dangerous of these test subject. These heavily mutated specimens escaped and included zombies with several different mutation including one code-named "The Empress".
  Later Fallon found the Doctor responsible for the research, Johnny Connors and worked with him to try to bring an end to the onslaught. Skeptical of the Connors' allegiance, Fallon kept her guard up while assisting the Doctor with any help he may need for his research. While doing so, she managed to break into the Research facility, and with the aid of the refugees, securing vital research for a cure to the virus. During her discovery of the research she learned that the Doctor’s associate & love interest, Brooke Delaney, was bitten/infected during experimentation and that she was in fact the Empress. She displayed advanced intelligence and cognitive ability in comparison to all the other special infected. However, instead of terminating her, as per protocol, Dr. Connors deemed her too valuable and kept her alive under the guise of studying her to learn as to why she was more intellectually advanced than other infected. However, the true reason being, he could not bring himself to kill the person he loved and hoped he could discover a cure for her infection. Dr. Connors knew of her escape and tried to hide her and her activities from the humans until he could properly cure her or come up with another plan.
During the infiltration of the Research Center the colonists managed to find information within the labs leading to an applicator device for the possible cure Fallon had recovered. But they were not the only ones who knew about the device as Connors had abandoned the humans in fear they would kill Brooke, the Empress, and he informed her and the zombies of the human plans and they began their search for the applicator. Both factions were then on a hunt, following notes and clues to the last known location of the device.
  Unfortunately for the humans the zombies were faster and just barely managed to steal the applicator away to their stronghold before the humans could stop them. The humans took heavy casualties, but fortunately, Wakefield Science Center had more security measures in place for a crisis such as this. The staff at WSC had been in regular contact with their military counterparts before they lost control of the camp and had arranged to check in with them at regular intervals. Since WSC had missed the last two check-ins due to the lost of power, they knew that military patrols would have be dispatched to the facility to verify the state of the Research Facility and that they should make it there sometime on the following morning. All the remaining survivors would have to do was last the night and help would arrive.
The next morning once they were able to make contact with the patrol they were faced with their last task, gather all research and equipment they could and evacuate the facility with the recon patrol once they arrived. However, this didn't go well after the night only around 5 survivors were left alive with Fallon in the morning. As the last hope, Fallon and the refugees tried to gather what remaining intel and research they could before withdrawing from Wakefield. But during their evacuation they were met with fierce resistance. The reinforcements arrived but the Empress and her horde had massacred those remaining, with only Fallon and and a refugee named Sam Edwards remaining. In contact with Fallon that they arrived both her and Sam fought their way to escape to the front of the camp with the research as the reinforcements charged in to their rescue but in the end the horde was too strong and one by one Fallon, Sam, and the patrol were killed off, leaving the Wakefield Science Center in the hands of the zombie rabble.

Game-play Outcome

The Human faction started off strong. They earned the trust of the WSC research officers and regaining their weapons. While taking heavy loses they were also able to eliminate most of the test subjects in danger of escaping and they were even able to establish a safe house the first night and link up with a squad of reinforcements from Lindenwood. They were unable to hold out much longer as every human player was infected the next morning. The Zombies faction dominated the humans and were able to stop them from completing nearly any missions after the first night almost entirely through basically fear alone. This put the humans at huge disadvantage, allowing the zombies to wipe out the humans and reset the game 3 times and take control of Wakefield Science Center.

WSC Logo 1
Wheat State Camp | Augusta, Kansas
May 19-21 2017

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