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The World of Wakefield Science Center

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Five years after the outbreak of the virus the Modern World holds on by a thread. It's accidental release from the storage facilities of the headquarters for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta has left unfathomable chaos in its wake. The virus spread quickly across North America and even coasts couldn't contain it. Thanks to interconnected global supply chains every first world country in the world was hit before most governments could even react.
Project 112, Operation Dark Winter, Directive 51; The United States of America was by far the most prepared for such an outbreak and even it stood little chance. The US today lays in ruins of its former self. By the time the CDC had realized how widespread the outbreak was, there was no hope of containment. Densely populated areas were the first to go and the national government went entirely underground within days. The military worked in conjunction with the CDC to attempt to save what remained.
As the virus rages through the US, the entirety of the world teeters on the edge of collapse. The virus is unlike anything seen before. The infectivity of the disease is hard to control. It spreads with only the smallest contact and can take root, killing a new host within minutes. But the real threat is the effects the virus has on it's host postmortem. Those who succumb to it will rise from death, a shell of their former selves with only one goal: spread the disease they contain. Little is known about the exact effects of the virus, but it's impact on the world is evident. Humanity is scattered across the map, now clinging to survival in small pockets that have been taken back from the dead.

This is the World of Wakefield Science Center.