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The Crimson Guard

Formed 500 years ago in the aftermath of the devastating Illithid Invasion, The Crimson Guard have been the appointed defenders of New Genesis from all inter-planar threats. In the generations since their inception, they have grown more vigilant (paranoid, some might say) and have broadened the scope of their enemy to include any being, entity or power that exhibits any sort of 'unnatural' attribute. Tieflings, Aasimar, any being exhibiting psionic ability, and any creature considered an 'Aberration' or 'Outsider' are fair game in the Guard's crusade to keep NewGen pure.


Roles are delineated by the Class or specialization of the individual members. Assembled task forces tend to resemble a balanced Adventuring party, staffed to match the threat they're sent to eliminate.   The overall structure of the organization resembles that of a military, with a Grand General at the top, and Commanders, Captains, Sergeants, Lieutenants, and Privates filling out the ranks below.


Each member of the Guard believes that any entity or power from outside New Genesis, or that is inherently 'unnatural', is to be destroyed without pause or mercy, for the sake of the realm. With the roots of its formation entwined with the Reconstruction of Terra, xenophobia is not a necessary evil, but a holy duty, lest the world have to rebuild from another cataclysm wrought by alien monsters.   Over the centuries, public support for the Crimson Guard has waned, which has caused its number of members to dwindle and the remaining to become more and more extreme in their fervor. The government of Terra ceased their official support of the organization roughly a century ago, but Southton still supports them, with nearly unlimited resources and latitude in domestic affairs.

Public Agenda

The protect the entire world of New Genesis from extra-Planar influence. This includes roaming the countryside hunting Aberrations and extra-Planar entities, performing 'witch hunts' where they investigate claims that a member of a community is either aiding, or is themselves, an 'Outsider'. The Crimson Guard presents itself as saviors and protectors of the 'common person', against entities beyond their comprehension or ability to deal with.


The Red Keep in Southton. Various holdings, safe houses, and cells throughout Terra Main. The CG also specialize in the creation of magic items that contain, rebuke, or banish extra-planar creatures, and often have many different sorts of such devices at their disposal.


After the defeat of the Mind Flayer (Illithids) Invasion in 1434 NG, Crimson Mayhem, the legendary hero and Battle Mage, formed the Crimson Guard to prevent such an attack from ever going undefended again. The Crimson Guard has been in decline for the last century or so, as their views have gotten more extreme and less palatable to the general public and to the rulers of the nations/City-States.   From 1434 NG to around 1700 NG, the Crimson Guard were exactly the exalted, elite, and noble organization they were intended to be, as they spent generations sweeping across Terra Main, and the known world, cleansing it of the remaining corruption left by the Mind Flayers. As the decades passed, the threats were eliminated and the need for the Guard diminished. Instead of going quietly into the night, their sacred duty done, the Guard became more extreme, seeking problems to solve where, arguably, none existed. Certain strange entities have always been a part of New Genesis; Tieflings, Genasi, Aasimar, and other rare lineages may be perfectly harmless, but the Crimson Guard have focused more and more on these beings in the last few hundred years.   Around 1800 NG, the Terran chapter of the Crimson Guard initiated a pogrom against 'the dangerous Outsiders lurking among the populace' of Terra, emboldened by support of such actions in Southton. Over the course of a week, hundreds of people were killed, often drug out into the street and slaughtered by Guardsmen and -women. By the time the city Council put an end to it, whole neighborhoods were in ruins, and the Crimson Guard were defiant, defending their actions as actually saving the city. Soon after, the Council ended their official support of the Crimson Guard in Terran lands. All subsidized holdings and assets were to be given back to the Kingdom, greatly reducing the Crimson Guard's ability to operate on a large scale west of the Skytouch Mountains.   Today, in 1901 NG, the Crimson Guard are a shadow of what they once were, both in numbers and in influence. Although they are still revered in Southton, elsewhere in the known world they are held with a certain level of suspicion, and their extreme, unyielding views are tolerated only if they serve a greater purpose. 'Strike teams' or 'Taskforces' of 4-6 Guards are sent from the Red Keep in Southton to perform specific tasks, such as hunt down a purported Aberration, or investigate rumors of a psionic or extra-planar entity. Both tasks often end with the same result: death, bloodshed, and the destruction of the target.

"We are the shield against the chaos of the cosmos, we are the hunters of those that would prey upon us, we are the Crimson Guard!"

Founding Date
1434 NG
Military, Paramilitary/Militia
Alternative Names
The CG, The Red Bigots/Bastards.
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Crimson Guardian

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