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The Crimson Guard

Formed 500 years ago in the aftermath of the devastating Illithid Invasion, The Crimson Guard have been the appointed defenders of New Genesis from all inter-planar threats. In the generations since their inception, they have grown more vigilant (paranoid, some might say) and have broadened the scope of their enemy to include any being, entity or power that exhibits any sort of 'unnatural' attribute. Tieflings, Aasimar, any being exhibiting psionic ability, and any creature considered an 'Aberration' are fair game in the Guard's crusade to keep NewGen pure.


Roles are delineated by the Class or specialization of the individual members. Assembled task forces tend to resemble a balanced Adventuring party, staffed to match the threat they're sent to eliminate.

Public Agenda

The protect the entire world of New Genesis from extra-Planar influence.


The Red Keep in Southton. Various holdings, safe houses, and cells throughout Terra Main.


After the defeat of the Mind Flayer (Illithids) Invasion in 1434 NG, Crimson Mayhem, the legendary hero and Battle Mage, formed the Crimson Guard to prevent such an attack from ever going undefended again. The Crimson Guard has been in decline for the last century or so, as they views have gotten more extreme and less palatable to the general public and the rulers of the other nations/City-States.

"We are the shield against the chaos of the cosmos, we are the hunters of those that would prey upon us, we are the Crimson Guard!"

Founding Date
1434 NG
Military, Paramilitary/Militia
Alternative Names
The CG, The Red Bigots/Bastards.
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Head of Government
Scarlette "Scar" Mayhem

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