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Goblins are the smallest and purest expression of the 'Goblinoid' races of NewGen (Which also includes Low Orcs, Orcs, Orks, and Half-Orcs, Hobgoblins and Bugbears). Goblinoid, as a group, is defined by it's strong association with elemental Chaos, which, in turn, breeds vast variation in the Goblinoid races.   Whereas Orcs have a few well-defined, if vastly disparate, sub-species, Goblins are not bound to any sort of rational lineage. Traits do not breed true and are rarely, if ever, passed down from parent to child. Instead, the Chaos that the species was born from ensures that almost no two goblins are the same, and, therefore, no two groups of goblins are either. Goblins that do not mesh well with the tribe, family, or village they're born into often leave for a society that better matches their temperament, if they're not killed or banished first.   Some of the more common Goblin 'archetypes' are as follows:
  • Gobbos. These Goblins are war-like and crude, but possess an evil sort of cunning. They often align themselves with larger Goblinoids or band together to make their own raiding parties. The more intelligent and self-controlled ones can make for excellent scouts, spies, and even assassins. They may be greedy, short-sighted brutes, but at least they might be reasoned with... or bribed, or threatened.
  • Savages/Cave. These Goblins are little more than animalistic savages, rabid and often with either little, beady red eyes or large, yellow eyes and a mouth full of needle-like teeth. They're impossible to reason with and communicate with pidgin Goblin punctuated with snarls, hisses, and grunts. They're the bane of all civilized folk; even the Orcs rarely tolerate them as vermin.
  • Tinkers. These little green folk retain the sly cunning of their brethren, but also posses a profound, if chaotic, intelligence. They enjoy building gadgets and mechaniks almost as much as they enjoy taking them apart to see how they work. Tinkers can also be extremely greedy, being preoccupied with profits and concocting elaborate scams to separate the larger races from their coin. Those with a predisposition for wealth often dress in fine clothes and even speak with aristocratic panache. Some prefer the spectacle and violence of explosives and gun powder.
  • Shortstacks. These goblins, often female, have smooth, unblemished skin in attractive shades of emerald, vibrantly colored hair (in pink, purple, blue, green, or a shiny black), large, expressive eyes, button noses, and exaggeratedly curvaceous figures, especially for their height. They're generally considered to be physically attractive, even by Humans and Elves. Dwarves are rarely impressed, however.
An important note about the Chaos inherent in these (incomplete) variations: A goblin's appearance has NO bearing on its personality. A Cave goblin could just as easily have the personality of a Shortstack as the other way around. It may take some time and observation to determine if the cute Goblin that is leaning in for a cuddle is actually just getting in position to have a go at your exposed neck. Even within the listed variations, countless others exist... every body type, shape, color, size, attitude, and personality you can imagine can be found amongst the Goblins.


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