The World of Angfaulith Balerian Adventures

The year 489 of the fifth age

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The first age is forgotten


The second was lost


The third age was war


The fourth was consolidation, healing and prayer. It ended in hubris

    The world now is in an age of relative peace and broken illusions following the rise and fall of gods. The third age is named the war of ascension. The gods emerged and clashed in a titanic conflict with the tyrant gods, rending the world in ruin. The glimmering marvels of the age before swept aside by the tides of uncompromising war.   The war ended in the banishing of the Tyrant Gods and their followers from the prime material plane. Having rid the world of evil gods, the victors created and departed for the Divine planes. With the departure of the gods from the prime material, a new age followed, the age of gods.   Peace was secured, but few was left to see it. What followed was an age of consolidation and reparation, the great wars ended. Conflicts became subtle faint jousts between nations and ideas. The dragons faded into myth, and magic was never the same. To ensure no new conflict could emerge at the same horrific cost, the gods changed the rules of magic. No more could mages burn cities to the ground at a thought.   Yet the dangers of the ages past before the gods still linger in the wild lands outside societies doorstep. Civilizations cling to the coastal regions of the continent of Baleria as the heartlands are wild and unforgiving.   The age of gods ended when Meliosat, High god of the divine, champion of light clashed with Bael, the primordial dragon and lost. The illusion of gods standing above all shattered. The tyrant gods found cracks in ancient seals.  

It is now the fifth age, an age of mortals.


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