Traveling to Bogenhafen

General Summary

The first day

The next morning they were woken up by a wake up call from the inn keeper and after a breakfast (and a couple of pints for Atra) they left for a two day trip towards Bogenhafen. The firs day passed without any interruptions and they slept near the river crossing. After a couple of hours of sleep though, a bullywug came out of the river and tried to attack Raeflynn. The party woke up and fought of the bullywug, Raeflynn however missed the bullywug with a threw of one of her swords landing the sword in the water. After the fight she went into the river to retrieve it but was surprised by another three bullywugs that started defending their territory. The party again fought of the bullywugs and after a lot of fighting, they healed some of their wounds and went back to sleep. Unfortunately after the fight, Raeflynn couldn’t find her sword anymore even though she saw it before the fighting started. This was because while the fighting was going on, Atra actually sneaked around the party and picked the sword from the river.  

The second day

The next morning they continued their journey towards Bogenhafen and after an uneventful day, William and Atra continued ahead on Williams horse while the rest set up a camp for the night. During the night, the camp was attacked by a Dire Wolf which they managed to kill (Reaflynn took one of the fangs).  

Arrival in Bogenhafen

After another day of traveling, the party reconvened at the Inn and decided to checkout the Bounty Office to see if the reward for the orcs was already claimed. They found out that the bounty was still there, though the estimate of how many orcs there where is now indicated at 35 orcs. Here they met Phinux, whom joined the party after she saw that they where going after the Skullsmasherz. At the smithy Reaflynn bought a new sword, and Atra bought some herbs from the herbalist. They went to the harbor to look for a ship that could take them to Morlenfurt and found Peter (the captain of the ship “Mariska”) who could take them but they couldn’t agree on a price and Anlanya Damodred also didn’t really want to go by boat so they decided to continue afoot. Before they parted their ways with the captain, William asked if the man knew where to find some healing potions and he told them that he expected Morlenfurt to have some.
Start Date
Report Date
14 Jul 2017
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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