Saber-toothed Tigers in the Mountains

General Summary

Traveling through the Axe Bite Pass, they need to set up camp for the night and Phinux has the second watch for the night. During her watch she notices a Saber-toothed Tiger coming from the west and when she looks closer she sees two others behind the first one. She casts a flaming sphere to block the passage and wakes up the rest of the party. Everybody puts on armor and readies themselves to defend themselves (some with lighter armor helping the ones with heavier armor). Ronan Overwood casts a minor illusion of a rock around himself, so it looks as if he is part of the mountain. Anlanya sees that the Saber-toothed Tigers have circled around the camp, one coming from the north cliff while the other two come in from the south. She points them out to the rest that had lost sight of where they were. Phinux is the first to jump into action and casts flaming sphere near the two Saber-toothed Tigers coming from the south and transforms herself into a Dire Wolf. Anlanya than hexes the largest of the two Saber-toothed Tiger coming from the south and stands ready to cast eldritch blast if necessary. The largest Saber-toothed Tiger scared a bit by the fire does nothing but just observes his enemy. The Saber-toothed Tiger coming from the north jumps off the cliff (hurting his paw on the landing) and tries to attack Raeflynn but misses because William jumps in front and attacks the Saber-toothed Tiger with his Great Sword. Ykkiuto Quaews flies toward the smaller Saber-toothed Tiger from the south, claws it and attacks it with his spear. Atra fires two crossbow bolts towards the Saber-toothed Tiger Ykki just attacked but missing with both. During the battle Anlanya is unwilling to fight the beautiful creatures but holds her spells ready to fire and when Ykki gets dragged off by the largest Saber-toothed Tiger, she decides that she has no other choice than to attack these Saber-toothed Tigers and blasts a beam of crackling energy towards the Saber-toothed Tiger dragging away Ykki. The rest of the Saber-toothed Tigers disengages and run towards the largest Saber-toothed Tiger to help with the captured prey. After some back and forth, Ronan manages to kill the Saber-toothed Tiger dragging away Ykki, in an amazing display of power. The smaller Saber-toothed Tiger understands that they made a mistake attacking this camp and starts climbing the cliffs to the south in an attempt to get away but Phinux climbs after the last Saber-toothed Tiger and burns and claws it until it dies. Without losing time, Phinux transforms back into human form and stabilizes Ykki while William uses his healing powers to wake him up. After seeing that Ykki is alright, Phinux skins the tigers gaining 3 saber tooth pelts, Ronan takes two complete skulls and from the other just the teeth because the rest of the skull was damaged in the fight and Anlanya puts the flesh of the tigers in her backpack good for 25 rations.

Rewards Granted

Amount Item Player
3 Saber-toothed Tiger Pelts Phinux
2 Saber-toothed Tiger Skulls Ronan Overwood
2 Saber-toothed Tiger Teeth Ronan
25 Rations of meat Anlanya Damodred
Report Date
30 Mar 2020
Primary Location


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