Restless Nights

General Summary

During their first short rest, Anlanya noted that Doggo did not actually sleep as he normally does. Instead, the dog kept kicking and it seemed to have a bad dream. It didn’t worry her too much, but she did feel bad for him.   They decided to let Raeflynn, William, Ronan and Phinux go in the boats and have Anlanya and Ykki fly above them. But shortly after they set off, two slaads lead by a water elemental attacked the boats, the slaads clawing at the boats trying to climb aboard and when that didn’t work, breaking parts of the boat to let them sink.   With a ferocious slash of its arms, one of the slaads cut through a large part of the boat, also hitting Anras, slicing his armor from hip to shoulder and knocking him over the edge into the water where he started to sink quickly. Phinux whom had shape-shifted in a Polar Bear, dove after him and was just able to catch him.   They where forced to continue their journey by land so they decided to camp here for the night and continue their journey tomorrow. But the next morning, Doggo was noticeably worse, having had no sleep at all during the night being haunted by nightmares. This let to a problem because traveling by land did not seem fast enough for Doggo so Anlanya and Ykki decided to travel at max speed by air (flying all day and all night).   When they arrived, they where exhausted, but as tired as they where, Doggo was even worse. Anlanya didn’t waist any time and went to the first church she could find. Welcomed by a priest she explained she needed a curse to be lifted and with haste. The priest guided her to an altar and ran off to get the healer. The healer explained that there was a fee of 200 gold pieces and Anlanya agreed, but when she took Doggo out of the blankets she had wrapped him in to protect him from the burning sun, the priest immediately went into a panic shunning the creature and praying to his god, shouting that they would never heal a shadow spawn.   Anlanya didn’t know what to do. She had traveled this far and was not about to let it all be for nothing. She turned to the healer and said she would be willing to do anything if she would just heal the Mastiff. Intrigued, the healer asked for 2000 gold pieces. But when she saw that Anlanya wasn’t able to come up with the money, she decided to send her on a quest to retrieve the Hand of Vecna. Anlanya agreed and bound herself to an Unbreakable Vow.


3025-08-05 - 3025-08-07
Report Date
12 Jun 2020


Moderate (15°C - 23°C)
Wind Force
Light (14 kph)
Light Wind
A gentle breeze, having little or no game effect.


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