Meeting A Dragon

General Summary

After leaving the forest, they went through The Ways again without destination and ended up in the Forest of Arnheim. It took Anlanya a bit of time, but eventually, she recognized the river where she almost drowned as a child. Just to be saved by (as she remembers) an old man. When she recognized it she couldn't help but let out a small scream.   Moments later, a white dragon appeared roaring and spreading his wings. He seemed rather agressive but when the party went back into the Ways, the dragon noticed that they where just scared. He went away and a bit later an old man appeared. He introduced himself as Garry and they spoke with him for a short while; as it turns out, this old man was the human form of the white dragon and it was the dragon that has saved Anlanya all those years ago.   He also told them to be careful in The Ways for there are untold dangers for those traveling them and explained that the original Dragons where created to protect the Gates. Unfortunately, the offspring of the dragons weren’t bound by the spells that bound their parents to the gates and most didn’t see it as their obligation to protect the Gates. As dragons are drawn to treasure as moths to a flame, they scoured the globe in search of it. This started the fear and later the hunting of Dragons for where a Dragon was found there was most often also treasure.   After confirming that Anlanya is unharmed, Garry walked away while transforming back to its true form after which he flew away.


Report Date
05 Jun 2020
Primary Location


Moderate (15°C - 25°C)
Wind Force
Light (4 kph)
Light Wind
A gentle breeze, having little or no game effect.


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