Fighting the Army

General Summary

The party encounters multiple sections (4 to 12 combatants) with only short moments of rest in between. After the first fight Atra climbed into a tree to take a short rest while William started digging graves for the fallen soldiers and places crosses made from branches by the graves. He needed one more branch to finish the last cross so he broke off a branch from a tree making Atra and Anlanya quite angry because they where afraid that the Unicorn might scene it and get more angry with them but when Raeflynn thought about it she remembered a book she read that explained that the unicorn does add magical properties but isn’t connected (and therefore aware) to the forest and that if the unicorn should die, the magic also disappears from the forest. After their rest they continued looking through the forest to find other sections and found a section attacking the unicorn and decided to help it. The first thing Atra does is run out to the unicorn and fed it a potion of healing. The unicorn in response talks to her telepathically thanking her.   After they knocked out the Sergeant, they asked the unicorn if he knew what happened to Atra and Phinux and what was going on with the people hunting the unicorn. The unicorn told them that he didn’t know for sure but by the way they described it (and the visual provided by Ronan with his minor illusion) he thought it was probably Cal’Chos from the Kirin Tor. After the explanation and some further discussion, a portal opened above their heads and out of it jumped Ykki. He told the group that he met with a man whom called himself Cal’Chos and told him about the Kirin Tor. He told them how Cal’Chos explained to him that there was an important prophecy that needed to be fulfilled and that he was the perfect candidate to fulfill this prophecy. They quickly discussed with the unicorn about what they where going to do and even though not everyone in the party was inclined to actually help the unicorn, they still decided to help the unicorn and went to find a hiding place where they could stay the night to get some sleep. They did see a few sections early in the night and some in the early morning but none came close enough to notice them.   The next morning, the party discussed what they where going to do and decided to bring the Unicorn and the item to the North Reikwalt Forest. The unicorn explained that he could only bring a maximum of three people to the location where the item was hidden and Ronan, Anlanya and Atra decided to go with the unicorn to retrieve the item. The unicorn teleported them to a place that Anlanya recognized as being inside of a tree. In the middle of the room there was a sword made entirely out of stone standing upright in the floor. They quickly examined the sword and got the feeling that the sword had dark powers. Eventually, Atra took the sword and the unicorn brought them back.   They started their journey, but before they could get out of the forest, they got attacked by three archers and a blue elf. However, after one archer shoots an arrow towards Raeflynn the Blue Elf hurtles three magic missiles to the archer killing him in an instance. The battle finishes quickly with the help of the blue elf.

Rewards Granted

2 lbs. of exotic spices (30 gp) 4 lbs. of copper trade bars (2 gp) 6 malachite worth 10 gp each Potion of Healing Book of local creatures Some money
Report Date
26 May 2020
Primary Location


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