Fighting More Bandits and A Werewolf

General Summary




The day starts with Phinux being able to move and the pain ebbing away. The nurse saw her moving, walked over and gave her a greater potion of healing.  

Ronan & Ykki

The party bought some potions (max 1 pp), Ronan pretends to be three different people in order to get three potions (2 for himself and 1 for Ykki).  


William went to the Wizards Guild to get the black cloud in the amethyst checked out. When he entered, a male dwarf named Gloin greeted him and asked what he wanted. William replied stating that he had this amethyst and was curious to what the black cloud was inside it but without letting him finish his sentence, Gloin took the amethyst from him and turned around to look at it in the light, seemingly in his own world and not aware that there is anyone else in the world. After a while of looking and examining, he turned back to William and said that Ronin needed to look at it and without wait, he turned around again and walked over to Ronin (a female dwarf) handing over the amethyst. She started looking at it as well, looked up to William and said that she would return it to him when she finished examining it; probably later today or early next morning. Placing a hand on his shoulder and showing him the door.  


Just after midday, the party sets of to the camp (going to the river crossing near the mountains) and Ykki flies over the camp in order to see the layout and the amount of enemies. He notices that the chief is walking around naked (butt naked) and he saw at least 20 different bandits walking around, getting in and out of tents. The party discusses a few plans of attack, it started to rain and soon it came falling from the skies like a monsoon. They decided on walking to the northern path, wait until the bandits are sleeping, sneak into the camp and silently slid their throats while Phoenix could transform into a dire wolf in order to be stronger if a fight brakes out.  


The Slithering Tracker

They go through the north passage and Atra and Anlanya Damodred went first. They had to walk carefully in order to not slip on the wet rocks. Looking carefully, Atra saw a puddle of water she didn’t trust because it looked a bit cloudy (as if the water was stirred recently). William decide to walk through it (the rocks around the “path” are slippery, mossy and wet) and gets attacked by the Slithering Tracker. It immediately wraps around his head and cuts off his breath. As William was surprised and therefore didn’t have time to take a deep breath. With only about 15 seconds before he would pass out, Ykki dove into action and with a spectacular tackle he bumped William out of the puddle and onto the ground behind the puddle. Unfortunately the Tracker had already a strong hold on William and got dragged out of the puddle with them. The rest of the party, a bit startled by the sudden appearance of the Tracker, was confused in how to fight a monster wrapped around the head of one of their own. Ronan tried to use his daggers to cut out the part of the monster wrapped in front of William’s mouth to let him breath. Unfortunately, the daggers did cut through the Slithering Tracker but the fluent nature of the Tracker prevented the daggers from actually cutting out a part of it so William could breath. Atra suggested that the tracker might be vulnerable to fire and Anlanya used her Burning Hands to cast a cone of fire towards the Tracker, engulfing it in flames, completely vaporizing the Tracker.  

The Tents

Not to far away they see a bandit on patrol, definitely not paying enough attention. Ronan says that he can create a minor illusion of something glimmering and sparkling and with that, lure the bandit to the narrow path and attack him all at once in order to kill him before he can make a sound. Anlanya also adds that she can hex the bandit in order to give him even less of a chance. They proceed as planned and attack him in a surprise round with ranged weapons and kill him instantly (Atra finds 2 bottles of wine on him) and Phoenix drags him off to hide the body. Atra lets her pet mouse crawl under the tent flaps of Tent 1 and report back to Anlanya what it saw. It comes back and explains that it saw three dirty men and some human stuff. Ronan, Anlanya and Reaflynn sneak towards Tent 1 and startle as suddenly the sound just disappears completely. Ronan does an arcane check and notices that there are two sound-related spells active. They go back and tell the rest (afraid that the second one could be an alarm spell). William goes to a place where he can detect magic and sees a blue aura over all tents in range and a yellow aura around all the tents and the two bandits that are walking in range. They discuss what he noticed and think that the yellow aura is a spell that allows all linked areas to communicate with each other (making the guards able to alert everyone even in the tents). After some discussion, they decided to proceed as planned and sneak in and slit their throats. The plan is a success and they continue this tactic with tent 2. After that they decided to take out the two guards they saw walking in the same way as they took out the first guard. Afterwards they continued to tent 11 and 12, they almost woke up one of the bandits trying to manoeuvre around with the 4 of them (and 4 bandits), continued to the guard at the main entrance and after that continued to tent 3. Almost at tent 3, they saw one of the bandits pee outside of the tent. They shot him, but unfortunately, he did let out a grunt loud enough to wake the other people in the tent. A few seconds later, they heard one of the bandits in the tent call out asking if everything was alright and after that some noises indicating that he put on some pants. With some quick thinking, the party hid except for Phoenix whom (still in Dire Wolf form) sprinted towards the tent grabbing the just killed bandit between her teeth. When the second bandit came out of the tent and saw phoenix with the bandit between her teeth, he looked quite shocked and insecure. “Frank, is that you?” he asked. Phoenix than ran off and the bandit called for help, waking the entire camp. There weren't many left anymore so the bandits didn't really pose that much difficulty to fight them off and eventually the few left just ran away.  

Battling a Werewolf

After the bandits where gone, they took a look at the supply tent and found some cheeses, bottles of wine and a few coins and weirdly enough, a few silvered arrows. They also wanted to take a look at the bosses tent but just as Phinux poked her head inside the tent, they heard a growl and a snap of an iron chain as a large wolf broke loose from inside the tent and attacked them. The wolf, accompanied by a small shadow mastiff, burst out of the tent, knocking over Phinux and trying to attack Raeflynn Liadon. Phinux turned back into a dire wolf and went back into the fight fending off the wolf with William.   William attacked the wolf giving it a deep cut across its shoulder, but within seconds the wound closed as if it was never there. The same goes for the arrows fired by Raeflynn. It seems that the wolf is not just an ordinary wolf and is in fact immune to their attacks. In a slight panic they try different things, Ronan whom had some vials of acid threw one to William whom was keeping the wolf at bay while the rest figured out a way to kill it. The acid did work quite well and so did the silvered arrow that Raeflynn decided to shoot instead of her normal ones. Ronan, seeing that the acid helped came standing next to William, giving him another vial of acid and broke the last vial he had inside the wolfs mouth. Which wasn't the smartest plan as the wolf immediately bit down hard piercing Ronans arm at multiple places with its large fangs. It didn't take long before the wolf was slain and they could tend to their wounds.   After killing the wolf, the shadow mastiff that was with the wolf tried to run off and disappeared into the shadows. However, with some fairy fire they found him right away. Initially some of the party members wanted to kill the beast, but when it hid behind Anlanya, she couldn't help but feel sorry for the creature. William still was on the fence about it and Ronan was very clear that if it ever pooped in his bed, that he would kill it. And with all the rules set, they decided it could stay with the party.   They went to check out the bosses tent where they didn't find a hole lot of interesting stuff, but under the bed they did find an amulet which they decided to keep so they could examine it later. They also found a bow (Lightning Storm) which Ronan kept and some other trinkets.

Rewards Granted

Item Player
Lightning Storm Ronan Overwood
Amulet Ronan Overwood
Sword of Vengence William Richfield

Missions/Quests Completed

Defeated the Reikland Bandits.
Start Date
End Date
Report Date
30 Mar 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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