Dwarven Hall

General Summary

After leaving the Forest of Arnheim, the party went into The Ways again. When they came to another door, they opened it into a dark hall. They entered and noticed that it was build by the Dwarves. They checked the map and saw that they where at a dwarven stronghold named Karak Azul.   They walked around for a couple a moments and investigated to find any hidden passages which Ronan did. They didn’t actually open the door for fear of what might lie behind. They left after a short rest and planned back through The Ways to go back to Eversprings.   They tried to trace back their way through The Ways as they came but at one intersection, a couple of members of the party where suddenly drawn towards the road on the right. They where aware that that wasn’t the way they had come from when they first set off, but they did have the feeling that they needed to go that way.   After a long discussion they decided to go the way they haven’t been before and after a short while they found a doorway and when they went through it with the utmost care, they found however that they did in fact ended up in Eversprings. After stepping through the Gate Way, they where greeted by a few guards and one of them was sent ahead of them to the palace.
Report Date
10 Jun 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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