Bandits of the Reikwalt Forest

General Summary

The Forest

The party (joined by Ronan) sets off to the North Reikwalt Forest to defeat the bandits hiding there. On their way over there they discussed at length the best guerrilla tactics and how it would be best to attack the bandits with minimal risk to their own health. The discussion included everything from pretending to be rich in order to get robbed by the bandits to surrounding the bandits to walking in camp pretending to be friendly and concluded with that it would be best to attack from range and pull back, attack again and repeat (making sure that they shoot the bandits at max range so that the bandits don’t come close enough to hit them back).   After a couple of hours of walking they arrived at the edge of the forest and noted how dense it actually was. In order to prepare for the encounter, they decided to sneak through the forest until they would find the camp/hideout so they could see for themselves how many bandits there are and how to best attack them. Inside the forest they helped each other to not be detected by slightly pushing someone out of the way from stepping on a branch and pointing out traps.   William was the first to find a trap. It was a concealed pit and as soon as he noticed it, he communicated to the rest that there was a trap there. When William spotted Anlanya Damodred almost stepping on another trap (this time it was a net) he tried to warn her by hitting her with a pebble. He did get her attention but unfortunately she did continue her step (not knowing why William threw the pebble) and activated the net trap. It collapsed and was pulled up in the sky but Anlanya (alerted by William) was fast enough to jump out of the way and not get trapped. A few moments later, Phinux stepped on a trap releasing a poisonous gas. Fortunately for her, as a druid, she has had some resistance build for this gas and did not get any lasting effects.  

The Bandits

// I don't have any notes about what actually happened here. If anyone has them, please share so I can update it.

Missions/Quests Completed

Defeated the bandits hiding in the North Reikwalt Forest
Report Date
30 Mar 2020
Primary Location


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