An Army on the Hunt

General Summary

After being kicked out of the forest they still needed a place to rest from the battle they just had and decided to take a short rest at the south edge of the forest. After a little while, they where disturbed by a hunting hoorn sounding nearby. They decided to check it out and when they reached the south-east corner of the forest, they saw a platoon coming their way. After a bit of discussion, Atra decided to go into the forest trying to find her way back to the open field she found the day before and warn the unicorn. Anlanya, William, Phinux and Ykki went with her but after about half a minute, Ykki asked what the plan was and when Atra explained, Ykki decided to go back and get Raeflynn and Ronan (whom stayed behind). When Atra, Anlanya, Phinux and William got to the open field, they saw 6 scouts and Atra decided to try and climb one of the trees but grabbed a wrong branch and fell out, alerting the scouts. The scouts attacked them and got a few lucky hits but when suddenly William grew twice in size and 8 times in weight and the encounter ended quite quickly. In the meantime, Ykki, Ronan and Raeflynn encountered a group infantry led by a sergeant and decided to use some guerrilla tactics to fight them while drawing them into a trap (placed by te rest of the party). Ronan contacted Anlanya with a whisper and explained the plan. While this tactic worked great for Ronan (whom could attack, walk away and hide) and Ykki (whom could dive in, attack, and fly away behind the cover of the trees), it didn’t work that great for Raeflynn. She tried the best she could but within a few seconds, the section got to her and they decided to hold their position there and call for the rest of the party to join in. They weren't really surprised when Phinux (as a brown bear) stormed in with Anlanya on her back, but when they saw William, as tall as a small giant, carrying Atra, they where genuinely shocked. However, the effect quickly wore off and he shrunk down to his normal size. After defeating the section, they looted the bodies and where surprised with a salvo of arrows raining down on them and shortly after, they where attacked by more infantry men.
Report Date
26 May 2020
Primary Location


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