A Spirit Troll in the Forest

General Summary

After they walk around in The Ways they find another gate and go through. They step out into a forest and see a large Spirit Troll. The Spirit troll comes charging in and Phinux yells to not attack the troll. Everybody goes into dodge stance readying for a fight and Ronan closes the Gate. The troll attacks William missing with his claws but bites him. Ykki attacks the troll with her new spear. Ronan opens the door goes in and hides. They fought until they noticed that the runes on his body started to change, some of them actually continued a bit after they notices but after phinux asked them to stop so they might communicate, they did. Ronan and Phinux communicated with the spirit troll by using rituals but it didn’t really go well until William had cast comprehend languages and the Troll could tell his story.   The troll told them that he saw humans and feared that they where send by Emperor Morbo to poison his forest. He explains that it has been done in other forests and that it seems to be some sort of poison that poisons magical creatures and destroys all magic in the forest (and seems to leave the rest of the forest intact). He apologises for his agressive behaviour and explains that he is just afraid of any outsiders in his forest.   After the troll explained himself, William asked if he would be willing to help them on their quest to attack Morbo, but as guardian of this forest, he cannot just leave and go on an indefinite journey.


Report Date
05 Jun 2020
Primary Location


Volant Mistral
Moderate (8°C - 16°C)
Wind Force
Moderate (25 kph)
Volant Mistral
While a volant mistral blows, all creatures of size medium and smaller have a flying speed of 40 feet (or double its normal flying speed). You can ascend at half speed and descend at double speed, and its maneuverability is good. Flying requires only as much concentration as walking, so the individual can attack or cast spells normally. A volant mistral has a 50% chance of extinguishing candles, torches, and similar unprotected flames.


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