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Prism of Revelation

The Prism of Revelation, a revered pearlescent crystal, holds an esteemed position among the holiest artifacts in the Church of the Holy Triad. Considered a tangible embodiment of Aleron's divine revelation, this exquisite crystal radiates with an ethereal play of colors, displaying hues of green, blue, and gold—the symbolic representation of Trionis' three aspects. Believed to exude an aura of purity, the crystal is said to ward off those with dark intentions from lingering in its presence for long. Adorned in the church's most important rituals, the Prism of Revelation holds profound significance in the spiritual life of the Triadists.


The Prism of Revelation is a gem of extraordinary beauty, possessing a pearlescent translucence that captivates the eye. Its polished surface reflects a mesmerizing array of colors—primarily green, blue, and gold—that blend harmoniously, symbolizing the triad of Trionis' aspects. As light caresses the crystal's surface, the hues dance and shimmer, evoking an otherworldly allure that conveys a sense of divine enchantment.


Beyond its breathtaking appearance, the Prism of Revelation is believed to possess divine properties. According to Triadist teachings, the crystal emanates an aura of purity, rendering it difficult for those with malevolent intentions to remain in close proximity for an extended period. This aspect further reinforces the crystal's sacred nature and its association with the benevolence of Trionis.


The origins of the Prism of Revelation have been veiled in mystery throughout the ages, with no clear account of its creation. According to the church's teachings, it is believed to have been a divine gift bestowed upon the early followers of Aleron Veridian as a testament to the profound revelations he received. Whether forged by celestial hands or emerging through some miraculous event, the crystal's origins remain a subject of reverence and wonder.

Cultural Importance

The Prism of Revelation stands as a timeless symbol of the Church of the Holy Triad's identity and faith. Across the Umbrasol Basin, it is regarded with deep reverence and awe, a manifestation of divine favor and an enduring connection to the deity Trionis. The Triadists consider the crystal a beacon of hope, inspiring awe and devotion in their spiritual journey.


In the church's most sacred rituals, the Prism of Revelation takes center stage. It is often brought forth to bestow blessings upon the faithful during ceremonies, symbolizing the divine connection between Aleron's revelations and the hearts of the Triadists. As an instrument of divine grace, its presence sanctifies and elevates the spiritual experiences of the church's followers, affirming their unwavering devotion to the teachings of Trionis.


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