An innate and intangible ability, Sensing is a Tarot ability hard to describe and even harder to teach. Many researchers even dismissed the ability in the past, claiming normal usage as mere superstition justifying gut feelings. However, highly skilled users have managed to prove that said researchers, to quote, "were full of it", and that Sensing is in fact an actual Tarot ability that can be trained.   Taking many shapes, Sensing is more of a collection of abilities, even though skill in one form will help with learning other forms. Someone may instinctively recognise nearby presences, which may alert them to an enemy in hiding. Or they could throw their physical senses to a different location, an ability greatly helped by the use of Sensewires. Sensing might involve detecting people's emotions, physical condition, and even illnesses and diseases. Or reveal one is being lied to.   Enhanced physical senses often are considered to be a form of Sensing, though in reality these people are users of the Hunting Steps Tarot ability. This has been proven by comparing the skills of Sensing individuals with these people, proving that enhanced physical senses aren't correlated to control of the various forms of Sensing.


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19 Feb, 2021 16:48

Really interesting. I like the correlation between this and Hunting Steps, although they are not actually the same.

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!