Mental Control

This ability is the reason that within Tarot Lore the Pentacles Suit is often associated with mental offense. While its most basic version is mentally defensive in nature, its advanced possibilities are at the level that some even violate the Scrolls of the High Priest rules. While it can be hard to prove this form of abuse, if proven this will not just lead to being Marked but being executed instead.   The first level of Mental Control is to control oneself. To resist tension, fear, even pain. Anything that makes the mind falter, one can resist by executing mental control over oneself. Leaving aside the obvious use of resisting torture, it is far more likely to use this ability to resist sudden threats. To stand even when facing dreadful monsters or overwhelming situations, that can be done with the help of mental control.   The second level is to radiate. At this point, a user can give off an aura of sorts, which can take many different shapes. For example, a commander can radiate confidence to the point where they help restore moral, or drive fear into the hearts of their enemies. A tamer might deliberately give off a soothing area to calm animals, or one may turn up the charms when seducing another. Some use of this level already starts encroaching on the Seventh Commandment of the Scrolls of the High Priest, and many Tarot users do not appreciate it when another Tarot user abuses this ability.   The third level is to control directly. This can take the less-controversial form of helping the target control themselves, in essence applying the calmness of the first level. But it also can directly control the target's feelings or even actions, forcing them to do something against their will. Anyone caught doing so, risks execution. It only is considered a fair move when employed against wild animals and Tarot Monsters.   The biggest weakness of Mental Control, is that it isn't permanent. There comes a time where its user can no longer hold back their trauma, and may break under it. As such, mental fortitude must be trained. A commander who only can lead when using this ability, is not considered reliable. A bullied student may resist for a while, but succumb in the end. So everyone must be given the possibility to build up their own confidence, so that Mental Control is merely a source of help, and not the only supporting pillar of a fragile mind.


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