Tarot Monster

For centuries, there have been stories of monsters crawling in the forests, coming out to murder people. Entire myths feature fighting strange beasts that came across as a mixture of beast and man. While some might simply be strange beasts, it has been proven beyond a doubt that there are indeed, as the Scrolls of the High Priest call them, Monstrosities created by taboo Tarot abilities.   Little is known about these abilities, because few dare study them. The only way to practice them, would be to harm animals or humans, so only those without a conscience would do so. Found research tends to be quickly analysed for possible detection and defensive methods, then burned to never be abused. All that is known beyond a doubt, is that by the time a Tarot Monster's blood has changed to black, there is no way to bring them back.   Tarot Monsters come in many different forms and shapes. Lizardmen and Wolfmen are most well-known, but many different versions exist. A transformation will not add or reduce the weight, only change the body. As such, to create a small or giant monster, one needs a similar-sized subject.   Fortunately only very rare cases of flying ones exist, with flying animals transformed usually losing their ability to fly. Meanwhile, bears tend to kill whoever is attempting to transform them, so only rarely do bears get transformed into colossal monstrosities.   Where there is a Tarot Monster, there often is a creator nearby, though in many cases they were turned loose and travelled a long distance. On discovery the Church and nobles will send out troops to hunt for their creators. Meanwhile Recruiters of The Academy are tasked with investigating Tarot Monsters, and use special abilities to track down their creators. On discovery creators are not granted any mercy.


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19 Feb, 2021 17:06

Interesting idea. Not surprised the creators don't get mercy.