The Seekers of Oxenfree

Covert Jokers and Multiversal Tricksters

... They came from a hole in the sky. This massive floating ship just cruised in and dropped a ramp. There must have been 30 of them, but im not sure. They could do things none of us can. They held light in their hands, teleported across the field. One moment, the cult was inches away from taking Heimdal, and the next, the cult leader was holding a live grenade. The seeker who gave it to him was laughing behind cover not three feet from me. He had several explosives on him...and each one had the word "Bye!" painted on them in white with a little smile beside it...
— An account depicting the seekers during The Helheim Incident
Seekers are those men and women who make up OXENFREE, an organization of inter-dimensional travelers and explorers who are searching for a child who stumbled through a portal to another reality 3 years ago. While some may have military training, by no means does that make them an elite military unit. They resort to guerrilla tactics and rarely confront a threat directly unless supported by significantly more firepower. Seekers join the organization for many reasons. Some want a taste at something more, reaching for the many beautiful and horrifying sites the reality has to show. There are some who are searching for their own lost loved ones who have been taken from them and removed from this reality. Others are those rescued by the organization itself during its many travels who decided to join and assist in their efforts. Regardless of their reason, seekers are quiet tricksters who come well equipped to handle almost any problem they encounter.


To Seekers, the primary goal of any excursion apart from finding their quarry is to assist as much as possible, especially if the one in trouble is yet another lost soul taken from their home reality. Seekers tend to have a remarkably rigid moral compass. To them one life is too much to sacrifice, no matter how many it may save.

Ironically, this philosophy has made them brutal and unyielding when it comes to accomplishing their missions. Most seekers will not hesitate to shoot at even the slightest threat or obstacle that stands in their way. Even for The Seekers who are more liberal with their ethics, there is one universal truth: Nothing short of death stops a Seeker from reaching their goal


Seekers are playful by nature. Many of them spend significant amounts of time around children that they save on their excursions. Despite what many people would be willing to accept, the amount of times children wander into places they shouldn't is staggering.
According to The University, a child gets lost in time and space once every 10 minutes. Oftentimes Seekers are called out and sent to these realities to recover them. Such operations take time and that time around such innocence can change a person. Seekers usually end up being remarkably playful tricksters as they age in the organization.
by Daroz

Embrace Your Inner Child

Those who are aware of them in The Web often consider The Seekers to be immature and childish. They play pranks on each other and, of course, other companions that travel along with them. Usually, this stigma is a reaction to a joke made in poor taste or an innuendo made at a very inappropriate time.
Seekers often lay traps and ambushes for enemies. They will often lead opponents intentionally to unfavorable ground as a Seeker will never directly confront an enemy or obstacle unless the odds are in their favor. They will often choose to live and fight another day then accept being at a disadvantage.

Welcome to Oxenfree

Oxenfree doesn't open its doors to just anyone. Those who join are there don't have a choice or have seen too much to live a normal life in this reality. Those who join are usually approach directly by its high-ranking members. They seem to have no specific preference in who they choose to approach. Scientists and soldiers alike find themselves fighting side-by-side worlds away from home.

Regardless of how or why one joins, the process of training takes several months of constant work, having little to no time for personal endeavors. The average day for a trainee and consists of training, eating and sleeping regardless of how rigorous the training is on this particular day or how much pain the body feels from the days before. Seekers tend to be fit and active for this reason.

Seekers are taught far more when it comes to firearms and the various pieces of technology that they use as opposed to hand to hand combat and the arcane. Their Pursuits are almost exclusively focused on multiversal travel and how to handle the often confusing and inconceivable things they will find while traveling


Oxenfree has little to no hierarchy. Each seeker is their own person and allowed to operate independently from others. The only time a hierarchy is enforced is during their various operations. During excursions, they use a weapon installation called a pillow fort. Inside the fort there are up to ten men and women. They are high ranking intelligence agents called Marcos. Marcos are the highest authority in a single squad and no chain of command follows. The only exception is when Harry Graham is involved, which sees him taking full control.


Seekers tend to wear uniforms reminiscent of standard issue modern military gear. The gear is usually all black, but none would be found dead without their little additions. Every seeker has their own aesthetic that they add to the uniform. Some paint smiley faces on their helmets. Some deface their weapons and paint the word "Nerf" in its place. Some wear bandannas with an assortment of patterns on them. All of these and more are done for the purpose of displaying their individuality and playful attitude.

by Dragonkick741


A drone that can be requisitioned by any Seeker provided they are undergoing an operation where it would be needed or have a high enough rank to justify having one on their own.
Drones have different configurations depending on their purpose. Drones count as companions.  
  1. The Pack Mule: Designed to maximize the carrying capacity and defense of the drone but its mobility and offensive capabilities suffer. The following table lists the various modules that can be attached to a pack mule.
  2. The Jaguar: Designed to maximize Mobility and offensive capability. The following table lists the modules available for a Jaguar configuration
  3. The Rhino: Designed to maximize defense and mobility the following chart lists the various modules that can be used in this configuration.    
She laid out each round in a row, making sure each was present and accounted for. She read the words on the side of each bullet in her mind.

Boo!, Sup?, Midas, Queen B, Flash, Sorry!, and word....
she read the last round again and chuckled, then began loading the magazine while shaking her head...



Seekers who use The Rewind Configuration can take this quirk. The reuse of bullets has caused an attachment that requires the character to have a name or word etched into every bullet in the mag. At this point the player will then keep track of how many times each gets fired before reloading using the rewind configuration. When a bullet reaches 20 distinctive shots, it gains a random trait based on the following table. The trait will be rolled for before the counting begins. This trait comes not only from the attachment on the part of the Seeker but also due to the fact that these bullets are surrounded by quantum fields as they get transferred back into the magazine

Dice roll Effect on Bullet
1 The bullet explodes upon impact dealing an additional 2dmg and makes a screaming sound
Name Ideas: Howler, Dynamite, Boom, Big Baby, You're Mama (my personal Favorite)
2 The bullet always misses...always...
Name Ideas: Ol' unreliable, Blank, Forget me, Im out, Oops!
3 The bullet will catch whatever it hits on fire.
Name Ideas: Old Flame, A woman Scorned, Napalm, Ember, You're on fire!, Got a light?, What's That Smell?
4 The bullet talks to you... its unsettling.
Name Ideas: My ex wife/Husband, What?, The Voices, STFU
5 The bullet leaves behind a gas that can be seen using Foureyes, making it a great tracking round.
Name Ideas: Tracker, My Native Friend, Chief, Ranger, Ol' Reliable, Sick Em!
6 The bullet will ricochet to the nearest enemy if it crits.
Name Ideas: Misery (loves Company), Sorry!, Coincidence
7 The bullet will "sing" as it cuts through the air, making it an effective signal shot.
Name Ideas: Opera, Shower Time, Let it Go, Rhapsody
8 Honestly, you don't know... and you're afraid to find out.
Name Ideas: Mr./Mrs. Right, The One, WTF, Pandora, Saltshaker
9-10 The bullet will always crit but only if it is the last bullet in the mag.
Name Ideas: Jackpot, Free Parking, Headshot, Howdy, Lady Luck, Word (the last...)


The following is the current skill tree for any seeker and is a work in progress.


Tier 1

  • Hard light Gloves: A pair of gloves with various lenses capable of producing light that is solid through the use of magnetic containment. This allows the one who wears them to use sacred geometry configurations. The color of the light is entirely dependent on the lenses used and can be configured for a wide variety of distinctive effects when using geometric configurations. See the following table
  • Seeker cloak: The Seeker cloak is a device that can be purchased by a Seeker that allows them to go almost completely invisible for a full round. All actions weather hits or rolls will be considered critical success if they succeed and the Seeker is not seen. In order for an opponent's to see a Seeker while cloaked they must pass a mind role with a Target rating of 18. After use this weapon has a cool-down period of two rounds before it can be used again.
  • Nerf Guns: Any firearm possessed by a Seeker will be referred to as a Nerf gun regardless of its weapon type. It's stats are the same as its weapon type and its tier level but will possess a single unique trait for every tier level it has. These traits are randomly assigned using the following table.
  • Foureyes: Foureyes are designed to enhance the perception of the one who wears them by granting them various elements of vision that they previously would not have. This includes night vision settings and thermal vision settings as well as settings designed to detect radiation, arcane energy, gas and other pollutants in the air, and much more. The following table lists all the available things that can be attached


Tier 1

  The Rewind Configuration: As an action, activate The Rewind Configuration to create a geometric sequence that rewinds time but only around the magazine of firearms used by all pcs. Magazine is now full and no reload is necessary.  

Tier 2

The Hall of Mirrors: The seeker may use the Mirror Configuration to phase into a mirror dimension, this gives them a free movement action. When the seeker takes the action, they phase back, seemingly teleporting from one space to another.  

Tier 3

  Last Minute Configuration: A sacred geometric symbol that can be used by the hard light glove to slow time to a crawl for all but the seeker and their allies. Take a free action to activate, TR: 13 Grants 2 free actions this round to all PCs, even if their turn has been taken.

Tier 4

Bamboozle: If the Seeker has a hard light glove, they may use the glove to create a single instance of blinding light that will stun all of those in a 40 foot radius. The Seeker then rolls odds or even some. If the roll is odd The Seeker gets 1 free movement action and is automatically cloaked if they possess a cloaking device. The same rules for the cloaking device apply. If the roll is even the Seeker not only activates their cloaking device, but gains four free actions and all Seeker specific equipment may be used for these actions regardless of when they have been used before.      



Tier 1

The Multiversal Armory: This passive grants the Seeker access to equipment only usable by Seekers. Based on the tier level of this trait, a Seeker can spend the required amount of whatever currency is specified to purchase anything on this chart provided their level in this trade matches the level of the chart.   Patience: This passive trait gives a plus-2 modifier to The Seekers check rating for finesse or mind. This trait can be taken three times and each time it is taken one can choose the same or the other option.

Tier 2

Play time This passive grants the Seeker the ability to cloak themselves, making themselves invisible unless NPCs who's field of vision the seeker is in roll an eighteen or above on a mind roll. This lasts 1 round or until shutdown by the user unless that roll succeeds. Damage Done by the Seeker during this time will be doubled and any successful roles they make will be considered critical successes. The device must enter a to round cool down after use   Tag! You're it: This passive grants a seeker a free action for every successful critical roll or hit they make. This must be a natural credit and not brought on by any abilities or Buffs. Critical roles made through ambushing or while in stealth are considered natural crits.

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