Hopscotch and Spud: The Home Teams of Oxenfree

Hopscotch, often referred to as The Blue Team, is one of two home teams used by Oxenfree. A home team remains in their home reality, helping the other organizations in The Web, acting on any potential multiversal incursion, and providing backup for away teams if needed. Members of The Red Team, referred to as Spud, act as handlers for Hopscotch.     Hopscotch is more than a children's game chosen as a name to keep with Oxenfree's theme. It is an accurate description of what the blue team does. Hopscotch jumps in and out of their home reality, other universes, and back to the Requirementium, the alternate reality where Oxenfree placed its HQ. They do this consistently, jumping from one place to another and then another until they are called home.


Hopscotch has access to the same tools as any standard team of Seekers , but they tend to work in much smaller groups, sometimes only using a single seeker to handle cases that are particularly delicate. They are rarely used to search for Michael Graham, though it does happen on occasion. Both home teams make up roughly 10% of the entire organization, regardless of what reality they are from.

History and conception

  The home teams were established to provide a defense against potential multiversal threats. Shortly after the first year of Oxenfree's existence, they noticed an increase in incursions, and due to rapid growth of the organization at the time, allocated the resources to keep up with them. . The decision for a permanent defensive force did not come until the entity, a multiversal being directly tied to the case of Michael graham, kidnapped several children along the coast of Europe. The children were recovered and returned home with no harm done to them.     The seekers who recovered them were not so lucky, one of which was Lorne Courtney, the infamous Red Rover. Since their inception, the home teams have had alarming success. While a few tragedies do occur from time to time, they are almost always successful.


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