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Baltiera is one of the many city-states of Oura Bay, although it's by far one of the most powerful and influential, especially in recent years.   Baltiera is unique in that it has access to both sea-trade through its ports and land-trade through the Solano Pass. In the past, this has not been a huge advantage because the vast majority of trade between Tazza and The Central Plains passed through the sea, but in recent decades increased activity from Norrlander pirates has driven more merchants to attempt to send their goods through the mountains instead.   Of course, that increased land trade has also led to increased bandit activity through the region, leaving merchants in a touch place.   But regardless of which route they choose to send their goods by, there's a good chance these days that those goods will end up in Baltiera before being shipped on to their final destination.   Baltiera is currently being ruled by Baroness Eldara Baltiera.
Crest of House Blatiera

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