strassian glass

A crystal unique to Strassia, strassian glass is valued across the Vast for its durability and near perfect clarity when polished. Since its discovery a century ago, merchants and miners have bombarded the strass with requests for access to the huge crystal pockets in the Stassian desert. The strass allow very few of these requests, as they don't want their isl destroyed by voracious profiteers.  


Despite its name, strassian glass is a form of gem, not glass. In its raw form, it has a similar structure and appearance as crystal, but its far tougher than other crystals and doesn't break apart the same way crystal does. The Interislian Concord has classified it in its own category while it continues to experiment and test the glass' property.  


Strassian glass is found underground in the deserts of Isl Strassia, within huge pits of superheated rock. These pits release noxious gases that vent through to the surface. These gases appear blue-green in color once they hit open air, and the hue can help indicate the size of the pit. Excavating to the pit can be deadly work, as a sudden release of too much gas can cause an explosion. The strass are very conservative when it comes to allowing outsiders to dig for new glass pits.

Common Uses

Strassian glass is incredibly durable and clear, and acts as a powerful conductor of voc. Below are some of its more common uses.
  • telescopes
  • voidship windows
  • foci for void matrices
  • by Kaari13
    Found On: Strassia
    Transparent blue/green
    Common State


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