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Winged Knights of the Meadows

Meadow sprites sometimes feel the call to war when the meadows they inhabit is threatened. Those that do arm themselves don armour built in the image of other species, and wield strange bladed weapons. The only thing that stands out is these items are built for swift strikes against the enemy to scare it off instead of outright killing.   In every case they are armed & armoured in a way that allows them to fly, and to attack from different angles making it hard to strike back at them. Sometimes others such as other Fey communities, druids or those in the Sprites good graces will ask them for help to add a close assault force of skirmishers to an existing army or battle force.



The amount of Winged Knights vary at any one time. Only a small percentage of the Meadow Sprites feel the call at any one time. This can range from about five in smaller colonies to 50+ in the larger. Usually a leader or champion will appear at the same time lending a bit of needed experience & leadership to the grouping.


Each of the Winged Knights will have a small pack containing survival tools, a pouch of pixie dust if possible, a water skin, a sharpening stone, and a few rations of healing & edible plants. A set of whatever style of patchwork armour is present too.


Winged Knights use a variety of weapons, usually longswords, short swords and rapiers. These appear miniscule compared to the same weapon types used by larger creatures but are almost always magical in nature. At the very least they are sprinkled with pixie dust to create strange effects on those they hit.


They rarely if ever use use vehicles themselves with their ability to fly. A few times, especially if travelling long distances they may attach themselves to allies wagons or horses, or use creatures like giant snails or giant dragonflies to travel.


Every grouping is usually led by an experienced leader, someone who has fought before or a ranking elder in their community. These leaders sometimes give themselves fancy titles, such a s Grand Admiral of the Skies, but generally only used for the period they exist. Outside of the grouping it is seen as bad form to keep the title.   They only really use what they carry and scavenge anything they need when in the area they defend or fight in. They usually stick together fighting in one cohesive unit no matter the size allowing for concentrated attacks on specific targets. This also allows for better use of commands through shouts or body movements to communicate when battle is joined.


The common tactics for the Winged Knights is to drop from the sky en mass, or to secrete themselves in the environment jumping up in a massed wave of attacters. Wave tactics are common to give each other the room to do fly-bys while leaving the enemy at a disadvantage due to numbers.   A fwe times stealth is used and the Winged Knights will use sneak attacks to hit vulnerable points when the enemy is at a disadvantage. This is primarily done when the enemy is too tough or when they don't have the numbers to attack en mass.


All Meadow Sprites are required to have some type of weapon & armour training, and this usually takes place once a week from a young age to allow them a chance to defend themselves against dangers of all kinds. Those that have the most eperience lead the training and those that show a competence with these are usually the first accepted. Sometimes other Fey will help train them such as Sylphs & Fairies. This gives them a better idea of how to fight differing threats that may wander into the Meadow Sprities domains, or improve their survival when fighting elsewhere. Meadow Sprites who have adventuring experience are usually recuited as well, as they regularly have built up skills & experience that are beneficial to the Winged Knights.



The Winged Knights are required to supply their own weapons & armour but usually the community helps to maintain & supply them where necessary. This is especially true for any additional supplies needed for them to operate.


Any adult Meadow Sprite can be drawn upon, as long as they are fit enough and not elderly or infirm. Most are willing to join in such units where possible if it means that their community can carry on without them.


Historical loyalties

Winged Knights regularly co-operate with other 'Little Folk' such as Sylphs, other Sprites, Pixies & Fairies of different kinds. This can extend to their Dark Fey equivalent if the need arises and the threat is great enough. Forest Gnomes, Wood Elves, and many Halfling communities are also regular allies. On rare occasions Human & other species are found as potential allies, especially in the case where these communities practise the Old Ways.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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