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Session 21: A little bit of burglary Report

General Summary

Fleec has been asked to go to the Slinky Sienne, and get a job of Floki the Tramp. There he initially meets up with Gimbol Hairfeet who shows him where Floki is sitting. After sending him a drink & a note, Floki beacons Fleec over. Fleec asks about the ring he got at the old tower. Turns out its a Ring of Feather Fall. Also, he is asked if he would break into the house of Drogon de Rais. The local authorities are looking into what goes on at his estate and wants further information to push on the investigation. Fleec is offered anything precious that he can lift in the property as a reward. The house is currently empty as de Rais is on business in Aachen.   Fleec then proceeded to the estate of de Rais and tried out the ring while waiting till night fall, and see when there is a good time to break in. After two militia walk past he sneaked up to the building where there was a locked door round a corner. After successfully picking it, he made his way in and found the kitchen & storeroom. Knowing that there was something happening below the house, he checked both rooms and found nothing. He went up a small set of steps, and found a door that he opened into a room that is a mix of library & dining room taking up the majority of the ground floor. When going through he found a book on the ground, the rug there slightly ruffled up a bit, and six letters. The book is called The Hidden Paths, and the letters starting with one of the following letters in this order: eddnih. After seeing where the book came from he noticed a small raised bit that when the book was put back in triggered book case to move. When he passed through, there was a small wooden part that when pressed pushed the book back into position and closed the secret entrance.   From here he went down a gradual slope to a corner that had a spiral stairway going down. When he reached the bottom he heard someone else use the book case, and start to come along the corridor. Fleec then slipped up, hid, and surprised an African fighter by the name of Martine Sascha. She spoke in broken Frankish that she was looking for stolen treasure in the house. Both ventured down into the corridor that led away from the bottom of the stairs coming to a crossroads. These are badly lit but still had visible light. To the left the corridor had boxes, crates etc against parts of the walls, and the sound of rats could be heard from round the corner, as the passageway took a sharp turn that way. To the right the corridor took a sharp left, with detritus of boxes too, and spider webs. Fleec decide to go straight ahead.   There, both Fleec and Martina found a puzzle. On the floor six rows deep of letters & four letters across were put into the ground. They had to step on the letters in each row that eventually spelt out HIDDEN. After completing this, Fleec had a closer look at the trap, and accidentally stuck his finger on a poisoned dart in the wall. If they had failed they would've been hit with them. A door is behind them and is slightly ajar. Fleec used the mirror to peer into the room seeing a human-like statue, a snake-like statue and a table carved out of paler stone than the surrounding rock. Another African lady is in the room. Martina calls the male statue Seth, the snake statue Apep, and the woman as Elonga Lola.   They charge her and eventually manage to subdue her, tying her up with rope they find. Fleec notices she has a human snake hybrid tongue, and snake-like eyes, at which point Fleec checks Martina who appears human. Martina offers to take Elonga with her, while grabbing an ivory crown in front of the Seth statue, and a diamond in front of the Apep statue. Fleec is shown a chest by her, containing treasure.   At this point they decide to leave, sneaking out, and return to the Slinky Sienne. On the way there Martina, when asked, reveals Elonga is a Yuan-Ti, an ancient race that worships Seth & Apep, and they are almost as old as the dragons. She also says that Elonga has information about the Yuan-Ti, whose leaders are more snake than humanoid, and lives in jungles. She sometimes hunts them, and they trying to get into other countries to take over, along with vying against other cults. She will be needing a few 'heavies' to help get Elonga to a southern port to get her back to Africa.   They arrive back at the Slinky Sienne, get to speak to Floki the Tramp. There he sorts out a room to hold Elonga with Martina until they get a get a few heavies involved. In the meantime, the tavern's resident heavies, Gruff, Ruff & Tuff (the Half-Orc triplets) are called in to help in the meantime. Fleec manages to sell two pearls and a silver necklace to Floki for 600 GPs, and told to come back at the same time tomorrow night for a possible job. Fleec initially asked if any magic items can be bought to help him out on missions. Floki will see what he can get in the meantime too.

Rewards Granted

2100 xp, 1500 GPs, 2 white pearls (sold for 130 GPs), and a silver necklace (sold for 450 GPs).

Character(s) interacted with

Martina Sascha, Elonga Lola, Floki the Tramp, Gimbol Hairfeet.
9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign
Fleec Snow
Chaotic Neutral Half-Elf ()
Rogue/assassin 8
61 / 61 HP
Report Date
28 Apr 2022
Primary Location
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