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Reolus Rhin

Reolus Rhin

Reolus is a male tabaxi with brown eyes and golden hair. He's about 17 years old, about 6 feet (1.83 M) tall. He wears a typical leather armor that doesn't impede his speed or agility. Tabaxi is a "cat" like creature so he has some sharp claws. His body is covered in hair in a striped pattern (that you can't fully see because of the armor). His tail has golden/white stripe/rings near the point.   His fluid movement is able to hide his weapons. But a trained eye will be able to see that he's packing daggers, and a short sword (Gladius style).

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He wears a typical leather armor that doesn't impede his speed or agility

Body Features

Cat like because of his species.

Facial Features

Cute, but hairy.

Special abilities

Loves to climb trees

Mental characteristics

Personal history

  • Lived with his mother, her 3 sisters, his father.
  • Is to his knowledge, the only child.
  • Was learned how to catch fish at 3 years old.
  • Loves to play hide and seek.
  • Enjoys listening to others.


Home schooled

Accomplishments & Achievements

Catched a fish when only 3 years old.

Personality Characteristics


A local bard once interviewed Reolus to get to know the interesting creature that has a very charismatic aura.   Why did you start adventuring?   I started adventuring some time ago. After I left my clan because I didn't want to feel tied to their ways anymore, I was somewhat lost about what to do. So I started observing things around me and I found out that I enjoyed watching the world go by. I enjoyed listening to others. And even right now I'm still adventuring/traveling because I want to see more of the world. I don't enjoy being tied down.     What are the 3 most important people or things to you?   Seeing as I met so many people, I can't really tell you 3 single people. Even you right now are important to me. The bartender is important to me. The old lady working the field is important to me. The guard with the funny limp is important to me even as he doesn’t make me pay full prices to enter cities.     What are your biggest strengths?   I feel that my biggest strength is that I can easily talk to others. Although others usually talk to me and tell me allot of things, I found out that it's actually my listening skill that allows me to be a good communicator.     What are your biggest weaknesses/flaws?   I feel that I am not smart enough. I did not enjoy a full education but for some strange reason I tend to get surrounded by people that are allot smarter than I am. And I feel that I don't always understand them fully.     What do you want to achieve in the future?   I hope to become an inspiration for others, perhaps to learn people a bit about loving each other not for what they are, but whom they are.     What lessons did you learn from your first adventure and what did you do?   My first adventure was to gather intelligence. The wind was howling softly, the moon was sleeping behind the thick clouds. The night patrol walked past me. But due to unfortunate circumstances they found me while I was hiding like a snake in the tall grass. I got caught by that patrol and taken into their hide-out. I was locked in a cage and I had no clue at all how I ended up in there. I kept noticing them laughing at me. I was the idiot rookie…   Only when I got recued I learned how I failed my first mission. I was so excited that I forgot to hide my tail. Seems like the guards easily saw a swinging tail that didn't swing with the wind in the high grass. Since then I learned that it's important to stay level headed which is sometimes still a challenge I will admit.
Chaotic Neutral
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
6 feet
Known Languages


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