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Moon Toads

In the Dreamlands many creatures exist that do not in the Material Plane. Moon Toads are one such creature. They dwell on the Moon worshipping the Star Gods and taking slaves of the turbaned men that prey on othercivilisations. What they do is generally unknown but it can be assumed at least are sacrificed to the Star Gods, and a tale states a few are turned into Moonbeasts for use in other regions of the Dreamlands.   The Moon Toads are huge toads of surprising intelligence that came under the sway of the Star Gods millennia ago. They were gifted the Moon in the Dreamlands to rule & to work against the other denizens of that place. They command great wealth and cities strewn around wild growths on the moon. To meet one is to go to your doom unless protection is guareented.   Each full moon the Moon Toads can venture forth onto the Moon of Earth. There they worship their gods attracting Star Spawn to Earth. They prefer this to where they usually exist, as the amount of life on Earth is an excellent source of materials for the Star Gods and their spawn to corrupt. Each will also try to spawn on the moon before opening the portals to the Dreamlands for their spawn when they are a few weeks old, and the strongest survive.   A few ancient cults that worshipped the moon also worshipped the Moon Toads saying that they are linked to magic & ancient beings, acting as a go-between. In a way they are right, just not in a way that would benefit themselves in the grand scheme of things. A few modern Star God cults also follow this practise and worship the moon & Moon Toads as well for the same purpose.

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