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Hierophant of Change

The Hierophant of Change is the de facto leader of Temple of the Twistd Flesh. An elder female Changeling, she is regularly found in the Temple dealing with different duties.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The Hierophant of Change is a truly old Changeling. Nobody know exactly how long she has been around, or even if this character has always been the same.   What is known is that she never leaves the temple, and controls every aspect of it. She takes to training the elder Changelinings & passing the knowledge downwards. This allows the Changelings to practice to a higher standard, than if left to their own devices. She leads them in service to the Changer of Fate, and allows the Changelings to recieve blessings from this deity. Also, if they organized into a warhost, she would act as leader.   Given her mysterious start, most speculate that she was one of the first Changelings, maybe the first. A number also speculate that she has ties to one of two worlds, the Feywild or the Shadowfell. Elements of her clothing emanates miniscule magical energies tied to both, and her ability to slip in & out of shadows.   She has the utmost respect from generations of Changelings who will do anything for her. How she does this seems to lie with her personality (who sees great things for the Changelings in the future), and the use of magic. One thing many of them mention is that she speaks a few languages and expertly too.   One thing that seems to stand out, the Hierophant is intrinsically linked to the Temple. Any time one takes an injury or falls sick, the other takes similar damage in some way. Why this happens is unknown at present but the Changelings do speculate. The most common rumour is that the Temple itself created her as a mouthpiece and both can't exist without the other.

Hidden from view at present A Changeling Powerful

Character Location
Neutral Evil
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
100 lbs
Priest of Changer of Fate
Known Languages
Ancient Human, Common (Gaulish & primitive Germanic), Sylvan, Primordial, Deep Speech.

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