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Nature of the Goddes

Note: "Godde" is the neuter form I use comparative to the male "God" and female "Goddess".   Steeped in the fundamental layers of reality are the goddes. No one knows what happened before the universe came into motion. The first arose from the instant that Cause became Effect, when motion and, out of necessity, time were invented, when state A became state B, there required a time A and B. Ironically, the very beings responsible for these new states are unable to perceive them.   The basic nature of the Core Goddes is to be the literal and metaphorical reason for everything that can happen at a fundamental level. They do not experience time passing, because in each moment throughout the universe, particles are "deciding" between optional outcomes. The Godde of that phenomenon is the one who does the choosing. It is debatable if these Goddes have free will, as their choice is always the proper one for the outcome to be as expected. They are the Law of physics, the judge, and the executioner all at once.   Their perception, if they are conscious of anything, is to view each instant of the universe in perfect clarity, without an awareness of what comes before or after. Each decision is made in a vacuum where the only factors that matter are what it is now, and how it should react perfectly to become its next state. This means that the base nature of the goddes are to be reactionary. Despite the popular perception of mortals, the Core Goddes do not have a plan for the future. They exist with perfect knowledge of every bit of matter or energy under their influence, but only as they are in that time.   This is not to say that they do not have intention, but their goal is always in line with what would be best for their phenomenon in each moment. However, they are incapable of plotting for a long term, incapable of backing off from their normal actions in the short term in order to reach some loftier goal in the long term.   A mortal has a comparatively expansive knowledge of time, given their ability to hold memories, to wonder about the future, to make plans and carry them out. The trade off is that a mortal has an extremely limited knowledge about the current state of the universe, only holding a general idea of forms rather than knowing the exact position of each particle.

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2 Dec, 2018 00:34

I really like it! A good start to how your gods work. I like the introduction to them. I'd love to see some quotes from followers, and how these deities are worshiped if they even are.   Perhaps you could use the sidebars to go into depth of the different worshipers? Keep up the great work.

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2 Dec, 2018 01:30

Thank you! These deities are going to be more behind the scenes, and I'll go into it next with the 'secondary goddes' but essentially the goddes that people actually perceive are smaller, manageable pieces of these core goddes.

Asher Rose
2 Dec, 2018 01:10

I like it. It works similarly to my view (which was born like a fever dream from Neo-Platonism and M-theory). I think some of it can be improved in time: examples of how this works in practice, maybe, but I'm not sure. I think it's a great piece and a good foundation to build on, either now or in the great editing that will be January for most of the Anvil. Good work.

2 Dec, 2018 01:29

I agree I think examples will be useful! I just need to workshop a bit more before I'm comfortable doing that. Good note to self to come back to later.