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A Godde is an extraordinary being which functions with a particular nature, constrained by the metaphysical laws of the universe. There are three main classifications of goddes: Primary Goddes, Secondary Goddes , and Tertiary Goddes   The Primary Goddes are the most powerful and pervasive. However, they have simultaneously many and no limitations. Each functions exactly as their respective phenomenon would function, without any desire to deviate from this path. Their perception is greatly limited outside of their own plane, where they rule with clockwork precision.   The Secondary Goddes are less powerful, existing as a relationship between the effects of sentient belief and a local portion of a plane of a Primary Godde. They are much more limited in scope of awareness, but conversely are better able to conceive of time and facts in a narrative, allowing them to act in a historical scale of events, even reacting to societies.   While Tertiary Goddes are the least powerful of all, they are the most involved in the tapestry of humanity. Due to their tiny portion of the overall plane, they are the most similar to a humanoid. They often have a strong sense of morality, as well as an awareness of time in a scale that is relevant to an individual mortal.

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