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Primary Goddes

Also called the Core Goddes , the Primary Goddes are in principle the requirements for the world as mortals experience it, though they did not all come into existence at the same time. In fact, several of them waited for sentient life to evolve several billion years into the development of the universe. Though the terms Core Godde and Plane can be used interchangeably, it is convention that the process is referred to as a Godde (for its perceived agency) while the physical manifestations of these processes are referred to collectively as a Plane. More technically, the Plane is the possibility of this phenomenon occurring that is able to manifest in smaller portions on the Material Plane.  


Almost certainly, the first Godde was of change, or one could say or motion, or cause and effect. The most basic of principles, that what can exist can occur in different states, locations, or times, and that things are able to affect each other, proceed from this first Godde.  

Mundane Energy

One of the first goddes that stemmed from Change, was the existence of energy of many kinds that organisms on the Material Plane are familiar with, like kinetic and potential energy of movement, of light, of heat, of electricity, and surely more to be discovered.  

Magic Energy

This is an energy that mostly seems distinct from the perspective of someone not used to magic existing in their universe. As far as academia has been able to discern, this energy acts as a connective tissue between the rest of the planes, allowing their influences to cross each other. Since the individual planes (that is, the Core Goddes as a literal and abstract representation of their respective domains), are only able to operate within their own domain and never outside of it, nor even able to perceive it, this connective infrastructure is the skeleton of the Material Plane where all these effects manifest in conjunction.  


Matter is one of the basic properties of existence within the Material Plane. It is believed that this was formed after energy, but it is likely that it did not take long to appear. Matter and Mundane Energy can flow between each other, which means they are two of the closest planes, often tangled with Magic Energy.   The Matter plane is technically an abstract possibility for matter to exist, as in all the rules that structure it, as well as being the godde of the process, that is, carrying out everything matter does. The Material Plane expresses itself due to Magical Energy giving it a space where it can intersect the others and manifest. It is possible for people familiar with manipulating Magic to create a small pocket where they encourage a particular kind of matter to exist, e.g. summoning pure water.  


This Core Godde formed billions of years after the first four, and the first based on an emergent property. That is, the complex molecules that make up a living cell are consistently striving to reverse the pull of entropy over time. While the Matter and Energies that make up a living being are an expression of those respective planes in the Material Plane, the combination of them in the instance of a creature has a property that is more than the sum of its parts. This is one of the most highly studied planes, next to Magic. This "life energy" is often referred to as a soul. It is uncertain whether the process of evolution is a facet of the plane of Change, or if it belongs to the domain of Life.  


The next emergent property to evolve is sentience. It is believed that many animals, and possibly plants, experience consciousness in some way similar to that of mortals. However, sentience is the consciousness able to recognize its own experience, as in most of the humanoid species. This consciousness is an emergent property that has its own plane, made of a connected network of all of these consciousnesses, not experienced by the sentient individuals themselves. However, it does collectively seem to have an effect on the world, and entangle with Magic.  


The last of the recognized Core Goddes is that of Emotion. This is a type of energy with a weak signature that is produced by conscious beings reacting to internal or external stimuli. It is an instinctual impulse, often accompanied by but not exclusive to sentience. In cases of extreme collective emotions, for example in an ecstatic ritual or a war, the effect can even be sensed by some particularly sensitive creatures.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Deum primus

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