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Prime Councilor of the Knights Celestial


There are no requirements to become the Prime Councilor, except for being elected by the other members of the Council. Usually, they elect a current member of the Council, and that is the eldest member in a slim majority of cases. But it is not unheard of for them to elect a Knight directly, and once they selected a Paladin that was not in the Knighthood, who served with distinction for a decade.


The Prime Councilor must be favored by at least one of the Gods, and often has earned the favor of another. A significant number have been members of noble houses, but many more have not.


The remaining members of the council meet, and each prays for guidance. They then each present one name, and discuss. They often present the same name, especially when it is the longest tenured of the current group, or one that has served with distinction. If not, they will each make a plea for the name they have given, answering questions from the others. By the end, they have generally reached consensus. In the very rare times they have not, each person makes an argument in favor of an other's candidate. Consensus has always been reached after this.

Once they have chosen, they go to the Grand Plaza of Uborum. There, they recite the Celestial's Creed, and the Councilor's bow to their new Prime. The ceremony is over in minutes, and they return to their duties.


The Prime Councilor provides structure for the Council, who in turns directs the focus of the Knights. They should be a beacon of light, representing pure goodness by combining the forces of all four of the Gods.


The Prime is responsible for coordinating the information that the others bring - they need to weave together the bits of information to determine where the Knights are most needed.


The Gods smile down on the Prime, thanking them for their tireless service. They tend to be healthier than most their age, and are often vital past their species general life span. They work hard for little monetary reward, living a modest lifestyle. Those that retire will live a bit more comfortably in retirement, and generally spend their days writing memoirs and treatises for future Knights.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The ceremonial dress of the Prime is the standard shield and armor of a knight. The Prime also carries a ceremonial great sword, peace bonded in a simple leather scabbard.


After the Pact, the gathered Knights unanimously elected Guccio Oren to lead them. He was one of the greatest tactical minds of his generation, but a wound taken fighting off a Balgura had left him unable to command in the field. They soon discovered that he was also a great strategist, as he coordinated the new force throughout the Abyssal War, driving the demons out of Helion and leading to the brief few decades of peace before the Collapse.
Religious, Special
The Uborum Pact established the Order, and the heirarchy
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Prime Councilor
Source of Authority
The Prime Councilor is elected by the Council, consisting of one chosen by each of the Gods
Length of Term
The service term is for life, although retirement is not uncommon.
First Holder
Current Holders
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