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Bertant Gauda

Sir Bertant Gauda

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Bertant has an athletic build, leaning towards speed and agility over raw strength.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Bertant was born in the Tiefling district of Bandar Philia to devout followers of Bonae. Few followed him in the district, and he was part of a tight knit community. His path was laid out for him from birth, to eventually enter the service of Bonae. His parents encouraged him to become a priest, but Bertant wanted more, and was skilled enough to be recognized by the local church leaders as one who could follow the path of the Paladin.

He entered into service at the age of 21, and was given a quest to find an escaped criminal. He tracked the man down to where he had joined with a group of bandits. Being young and inexperienced, he was no match for the bandits, and was beaten severely before being taken prisoner. The bandits planned to ransom him back to the church, and left him in chains while they worked up a plan to pull off the exchange. A week passed, and his only contact was with the person who would bring him his meals.

While waiting for his next meal, he heard sounds of battle coming from outside the hut they kept him in. He prepared himself as best he could, moving close to the door where he may be able to grab anyone who entered. The battle sounds died away, although he continued to wait. The minutes dragged into hours, well past the time he would normally be fed, and no one came. Eventually, he sat back down on the floor, wondering if he would end up dying of thirst in here.

Two days passed, and his thirst had become overwhelming. Had he been able to, he would have ended his life rather than wait to die from thirst, but he was secured well enough that he could not. As he laid there, dreaming of death, he started to hear noise in the camp. People were talking, and he tried to shout out that he was there. His voice broke as he tried to shout, and he thought no one could hear him, until the door opened. The sun was perfectly positioned through the door, and the Dwarf that stood there was a dark silhouette against the bright light. The Dwarf only paused for a moment before rushing to Bertant's side. Bertant was able to whisper, "water", and the Dwarf pulled out a water skin and lifted it to his lips. The Dwarf helped him to rehydrate, then provided him with some food. The Dwarf then called on his God to heal the wounds, and Bertant sighed with relief.

As Bertant returned to health, the Dwarf introduced himself as Wynne Blackthorne, cleric of Corinne. Bertant took his intervention as a sign from Bonae, and offered his assistance in any matters. Wynne chuckled softly at this, and told him that he may want to reconsider that, but that he'd be glad for any help. Wynne rounded up the other members of his party, and introduced them to Bertant. Bertant thanked them all, and offered his sword. They agreed, and as a group they left the bandit camp. Bertant saw the criminal he had been chasing as they passed a mass grave, and asked the group about it. They told him that it had been like that when they arrived, and they didn't know what happened. He considered his quest fulfilled, and felt that this was his path.

He stuck by Wynne, and Wynne eventually told him of the Circle. He prayed to Bonae for guidance, and decided that joining was the path that had been set for him.

Date of Birth
16 Unorum
Year of Birth
852 Af. 36 Years old
Light grey
Long, black, flowing
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
235 lbs
Aligned Organization

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