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The Circle

Brothers and Sisters, we gather here to welcome a new member, and to reaffirm our commitments. I am counting on all of you to welcome Sif, and to help guide her in our ongoing fight against the rising evil in the land.

Our newest member is a devotee of Kolero, having grown up in the League and taken the first steps down the path of being a cleric of the Father. Her talents, however, have proven to be better aligned with the mystical arts. With Kolero's blessing, and my recommendation, she has focused her energies towards becoming a wizard, and I am proud to have helped her find her true path. After today, she will begin her travels, seeking out evil and stamping it out when she can, or bringing it to the attention of the Circle when she must.

As we bring her into the fold, everyone should consider why they are here, how they can contribute to the fight, and whether they are doing enough. As you each speak with our newest member, be truthful in your answers, both to her and to yourself. We are a disparate group, and we have all come together for our own reasons, although we are united in seeing the threat bearing down on us. As we add to our ranks, it is good that each of us remember what brought us to this group, what we have seen and felt that has convinced us that evil is rising, and to remember what it will take to destroy that evil.

Sif, while you and I are followers of the great Father Kolero, the Circle does not limit itself to the teachings of any one Deity. The Devils bide their time, growing their strength, and seek to pick off individuals. We prevent this by working together across faiths, recognizing that although we sometimes differ in philosophy, we all benefit by keeping evil contained. In the Circle, you will be working alongside followers of the Gods, Lords, and Archons - there may even be call to work with followers of the Mothers. Any that are willing to fight for the survival of sapient beings and throw back the evil of the Devils is an ally, and any that seek to advance the cause of the Devils is an enemy.

Please, take the time to meet your new family, and learn from them what they have experienced. There is no time for studying slowly any longer - we must take forceful action. After tonight, you all must go into the world, and bring the fight to them. I will do what I can from here to coordinate your activities, as well as coordinating with my counterparts in Sulae and Hellonde. Enjoy the night, and I will give you your assignments in the morning.

Aakal Ebenezer Venfaren, leader of the Circle
Induction of Sif Tane, 886 Af.


The Circle consists of Aakal Ebenezer Venfaren as the leader and center of the Circle, with every other member effectively equal and responsible for their own actions. If members of the Circle are working together, Venfaren will establish who leads the mission. Otherwise, each member is expected to accomplish their missions in the way they see fit.


The Circle is founded on Venfaren's belief that the Devils, long relegated to the shadows, have been marshalling their forces and are attempting to again dominate the Terrene. He has gathered others that have either seen evidence of this themselves, or who he has been able to convince of the urgency. Every member is dedicated to the idea that if not stopped, eventually the Devils will bring the Terrene as a whole under their sway. Some fight this on the side of free will for all sapient beings, some for the concept of good over evil, and some for the idea of needing an orderly structure to ensure the safety of all.

The members that are more tightly tied to a specific religion also see potential for the great jewel to be destroyed, leading to the end of the Terrene and the Empyrean, if one aspect is allowed to overwhelm the others. This is why the group considers their fight to constrain evil, rather than to eradicate it.

Public Agenda

Those few that know of the Circle are aware of the agenda of fighting evil where it is found. There are very few outside of the Circle itself that are aware of their actions.


The most important assets of the Circle are the members themselves. They are mostly expected to fund their own missions. Those that are tightly tied to a specific religion usually have the support of that religion in some way, although the most common monetary help is in forgiving tithing.

Venfaren has substantial assets of his own, and spends profligately on his work for the Circle. He regularly uses Will of the Deity to determine the direction he should take, and the cost of the offerings takes up a huge amount of his funds. This has led to him having to hire out his abilities to help replenish his funds.

The Circle Constrains Evil's Rise


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