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Anders Nielas

Sir Anders Nielas (a.k.a. Charger)

Well, there was nothing for it at that point but to take the battle to them! We summoned our trusty steeds and mounted up. With the righteous fury of Adalci burning in our breast, we set off at a gallop down the road, seeking our foe.

We came upon them quickly, for they had been dawdling, thinking they had gotten away with it. When they heard us coming up behind them, they spurred their own horses, and the chase was on. I could tell from that moment that it was going to be close - with them weighed down we were closing in, but they didn't have to make it much farther. Already, I could see the battlements rising ahead of us.

As I began to despair that we would not be able to retrieve the bag, a figure swooped down from the sky in front of the rapscallions. It was Eligor, Tharen's hunting falcon. The raptor unfurled its wings right in front of the lead horse, and it spooked, rearing up and nearly unseating the rider. The knave screamed most shrilly, and I was able to close in. I grabbed the bag at a full charge, and held on as the rider fell to the ground. Tharen was already wheeling about, so I tossed the bag high towards him. The other rider made a grab for it, but Eligor came to the rescue once again, raking his horse's rear and sending it off at a run. With him reaching for the bag, he was overbalanced, and fell. To make matters worse, he remained caught in the stirrups and was dragged off to who knows where!

Tharen grabbed the bag in flight, gave a wink and set off. I followed close behind, and we made it back to our own walls soon enough. Our fellows were waiting for us, and broke out cheering as Tharen raised the bag, opening it to pull out the trophy. The crowd started to chant our names, but I shouted loud enough to break through that the glory this day belonged to Eligor! The hero of the hour was the humble bird, doing it all for a few scraps of meat!

And that is why I call that story, "Eligor and the Screaming Squires in the Great Trophy Hunt!"

— Anders Nielas, Knight Celestial
Golden Arrow Inn, Bandar Philia, 881 Af.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Tall, with broad shoulders, a relatively narrow waist, and powerful legs and arms. A gifted athlete that excels in many disciplines, but especially feats of strength.

Facial Features

Long and straight nose, full lips. Wide cleft chin. Arched, dark blonde eyebrows over wide eyes.

Mental characteristics


Anders became a page at the age of 7, and dedicated himself wholeheartedly. He worked for his uncle, the great Arthur Nielas, and learned quickly. At the age of 12, he was brought to the temple of Adalci in Bandar Philia. There, he felt the presence of the god, and dedicated himself to fighting for Justice and Mercy. He studied in the church for three years, and though he did not excel at his studies, he did show an unending passion for spreading Adalci's will.

At the age of fifteen, Anders was admitted into the Church's knightly order training. He took up duties as a squire, serving under a minor Bandar Philian noble. They traveled together when the knight was going to a tournament or the very rare mission from the Duke, and for the most part Anders trained at the Adalci temple. There, he excelled at the various sporting events, winning many competitions over the years and setting several records that still stand.

At the end of his time as a squire, Adalci offered him a place among the paladins, and Anders accepted readily.


Anders began his journey as a Paladin knowing that he would join a knightly brotherhood, but not knowing which one. He set off to see the world around him, and to become responsive to Adalci's will. He would travel from time to time with others, but his search to feel Adalci's will usually led him away from others, and he remained a lone traveler, performing good acts for the small villages and hamlets he passed through.

After a few years, where he honed his craft, he came across a fully armored knight battling with an evil reflection. A skeletal figure in dull grey armor, the symbol on its chest a skull resting on a pile of gold, circled the knight, it's fire blackened blade held at the ready. The knight had fallen to one knee, and the creature of bone was preparing to deliver a final blow. Anders charged, throwing caution aside. At full speed, he lifted his great sword and brought it crashing down with bone shattering force. The shoulder of the armored dead exploded, the arm and sword falling to the ground and the abomination falling.

The man was a Knight Celestial, and he shared with Anders his tale. Anders knew he had found his calling, and joined. He swore an Oath to spread the Glory of Adalci, and has been a traveling Knight Celestial ever since.

Intellectual Characteristics

Anders is not very smart or wise, but he is very charming. He does know enough to know that he is not the planner, and is willing to do what a good planner advises. His default mode is to charge into the fight - any fight. He makes snap judgements as to who is good and bad, and leaps in to help the good side.

Morality & Philosophy

He has a clear sense of right and wrong. Hurting others is wrong, easing hurt is right, and most things can be boiled down to that. He is quick to befriend, and gives people more chances than they should get, but he will not hesitate to put his life on the line to address a wrong.

Personality Characteristics


Anders seeks glory, for himself and Adalci. He also seeks justice for all who have been wronged, but wants to make sure he gets glory for doing so. He tends to invite himself along on adventures, because he sees them as an opportunity to show off. He can easily be convinced of a good plan, but in the absence of one, he feels that 'charge!' is a good plan in any situation.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

He is very good at raising others morale by telling a rousing tale. When things get bleak, he tends to describe the current adventure in incredibly flattering ways, raising the spirits of people living the adventure by reminding them of how it will sound in the stories. He is horrible at knowing when telling stories is not going to be appreciated.

Personality Quirks

He thinks of everyone who has not shown themselves to be truly bad as one of his chums, and anyone who he has met more than once as an old chum. He remembers faces and names quite well, and can usually turn almost anything into a story. In the wilds, he will tirelessly push to find new opportunities for glory, and in civilization he will tirelessly push to find new opportunities for glorious drinking and carousing.


He is immaculate in personal hygiene. If water is not scarce, he will bath every day with soap that he keeps with him. At a bare minimum, he cares for his teeth and hair, and cleans as best possible.



Anders is load and boisterous. He talks with his hands often, adding action to his stories. He laughs loudly and often, at others jokes and his own. He is very physical, often putting his arms around people he is telling stories too, and greeting old chums with a bear hug.

Wealth & Financial state

Anders is a noble, and has never concerned himself with money. Most of his income from his adventuring goes to the Knighthood or the Church, but they provide for his needs in return. When staying in most places in Corellum, his noble connections allow him to draw what he needs, within reason.
Date of Birth
11 Septemra
Year of Birth
855 Af. 33 Years old
Current Residence
Bandar Philia
Sea Green
Wavy blond, swept back
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Quotes & Catchphrases
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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