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The Sunlight Falls Setting

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A world geographically identical to our own, but with strange monsters and weird magics that are different from the ones that we've come to consider normal.   The primary region of our adventures are centered around the city-state of Sunlight Falls, home to a beam of sunlight that shines on a spot of hallowed ground regardless of whether it is day or night. Once a plutocratic democracy, the city is now ruled by the self-proclaimed Woman King Elspeth Smith. Recently, the Woman King had attempted to extend her rule to other nearby communities, but was thwarted by a rebellion in the town of Lents and a subsequent gnoll invasion.   As if the current threat of gnolls aren't bad enough, there's been rumors about the presence of Dark Elves - once thought to have only been fairy tales to scare children with. And what's become of the dwarven kingdom of the Iron Mountain? No one has heard from them in years. Oh, and the elves across the river? I hear that they've all become habitual users of some sort crystalline substance. And that floating house over in Lents, what about it?