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Gabilan is a female wood elf druid. She is almost always accompanied by her wolf companion, Pony Pony. She runs the Tavern on the Greyglass, although she rarely visits it. She was also a member of the Sunlight Falls adventuring group known as The Safe Words and is sometimes associated with the Lents Irregulars.   Gabilan was orphaned as a child and was raised by the group of druids that live in the hills immediately west of Sunlight Falls. Young at about 120 years old, she has lived through the reigns of three different druid mothers: Mother McKella Lee, Mother Constance McCready, and Mother Verifa Katz. Mother McCready assigned Gabilan the stewardship of Moose Cliff Island, a decision that Mother Katz, who still lives, resents. Gabilan has very little interaction with Mother Katz, who still lives, and her group of druids, but their brief interactions have been infused with tension.   Gabilan is played by Heather Thompson.


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