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Gordon Landers

The leader of the Steel Panthers, known for his wanton cruelty and instantly recognizable with his cybernetic lower jaw.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Lockjaw has several bionic and cybernetic enhancements, and is best known for the botched bionic skull work that left him scarred and deformed. The operation was performed by a team of ex-Tryptych street surgeons and wasn't a total failure. Lockjaw has a reinforced skull, cybernetic eyes, and an exposed bionic jaw.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Under his leadership, the Steel Panthers have taken control of virtually all Ket-D production and sales in The Lowlands.

Morality & Philosophy

Trust and loyalty are important to Lockjaw, the crew is a family to him, and he treats them as such. When dealing with people outside the crew, especially anyone that's crossed the Panthers, then Lockjaw has no code, he will no show respect and offer no mercy.
Current Location
Year of Birth
2002 CE 30 Years old
Cybernetic and silver
Shaved bald
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dusky white
6' 4"
220 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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